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200+ Cute and Unique African American Black Boy Names

If you’re not familiar with the black culture, you might’ve found this article a piece of racism. But, the reality is that a specific black name of an individual indicates a robust socioeconomic status in the black community.

Till the 1960s, the name tradition in America was quite similar among black and white. In the early 70s, the black power movement influenced black people so much that they started to diversify themselves from other communities and focus on their own culture. As a consequence, they began to choose names for their children based on their tradition and lifestyle. In the last two decades, this habit became a healthy practice to black ethnicity. Thus, the moment children are born in the black community; they instantly search for a black baby name for their child.

These names are their origin-inspired. Some focus on the French language; some concentrate on Arabic, Muslim, Biblical or European words. These are cute, unique, meaningful names, and you’ll rarely find the use of those names in other communities.

As an appreciation towards black ethnocentrism, in this article, we included some black baby boy names and their meaning.

25+ Unique Names For Black Boys:

A person always admires a unique name. When we are the bearer of an uncommon name, our name becomes the ice breaker in every conversation. And if the name symbolizes something great or courageous, that name motivates us, and the meaning creates an impact on our life. The following titles are for those black parents who believe that these unique, meaningful names will influence their kids’ future and help them be extraordinary.

1. Aaron: Aaron represents masculinity. Aaron is a Hebrew word that represents masculinity. In the Hebrew language, Aaron means enormous strength. It also symbolizes the people who have martyrs’ quality. Parents who want their baby boy to grow as brave and strong can choose this uncommon name.

2. Adrian: It means water or sea. Originated from the Latin word Adrianus, Adrian symbolizes the former river, Adria. So, people who have a Latin connection can name their black baby boy as Adrian.

3. Akil: Akil is an Arabic word that means intelligence. In Arab tradition, the person who believes in logic more than miracles is an Akil.

4. Amos: Amos was a Biblical prophet of the 8th century Before Christ. In Hebrew and Jewish culture, the name Amos has immense respect.

5. Antonio: The word Antonio means ‘extremely laudable.’ It is a Roman name that has a connection with the Greek flower Anthos.

6. Beorhtsige: It is an Old English word. The word Beorht is considered as Bright, and Sige means victory in modern English.

7. Christopher: Originated from Greek name Christopher represents the person who bears Christ in his every behavior and deed.

8. Curtiss: Curtiss is a humble or courteous one. This unusual black boy’s name is from Old French culture.

9. Dajon: Dajon means Submission towards God or the Gift of God. It is English originated and can give your child a spiritual strength in his forthcoming life.

10. Darius: In Persian etymology, Darius represents a righteous person. A person who possesses all the good qualities within himself is a Darius.

11. DeAndre: The word which indicates brave. In Ancient Greek tradition, people used to address a fearless warrior as ‘DeAndre.’

12. Evander: Evander means a person with good quality. In ancient Roman, a man named Evander brought Greek religion.

13. Finneas: Finneas means a cold-headed courageous person. If you want your black baby boy to possess a calm and brave character, you can choose Finneas as his name.

14. Hassan: The Arabic word Hassan means a person who owns both a good look and personality. In Islamic history, Hassan is a very pious and righteous person.

15. Isiah: In biblical history, Isiah is one crucial prophet. The Hebrew word Isiah means God’s associate.

16. Janard: Janard is one big inspirational name. This one word indicates the honesty, benevolence, and intelligence of a person.

17. Jerome: It denotes a sacred masculine name. In the Greek origin, Jerome was a Christian saint.

18. Karam: The word ‘Karam’ in Arab language means generosity. In the Black Muslim community, Karam could be a unique and powerful name for your baby boy.

19. Maurice: The meaning of ‘Maurice’ is loving, loyal, and caring. It was an ethnic name in the Roman period.

20. Qasim/Qazeem: As an Arabic-originated word, in English, people spell it in too many ways. The name Qasim or Qazeem indicates a bighearted person or the person who frequently distributes wealth.

21. Rashad: Originated from the Arab language, Rashad means a Brave ruler. Black people love to instill the adventurous nature of their children. For them, Rashad is an appropriate choice.

22. Taylan: Taylan is a Turkish word representing a gracious and kind person who lives a dignified life.

23. Trejean: In Ancient American culture, People used to call a strong, fearless man a Trejean. In their sense, the person used to protect them from any kind of hardship was a Trejean.

24. Tyjon: The person who has a high impact on everyone is a Tyjon. If you want your baby boy to grow up as an impactful person choosing this name can be the first initiative.

25. Umar: The Arabic word ‘Umar’ means popular. In Arab, Umar was one of the most potent and famous rulers who have no comparison till now.

26. Wayan: Wayan is an Indonesian name, which means ‘eldest.’ If you have the vision to name your children based on their birth-serial, Wayan is the best choice for your eldest child.

27. Wesley: The name Wesley was popular in ancient western culture. There, Wesley was the beautiful wood derived from the West.

28. Wendall: Wendall is an Old German word that addressed the people who traveled a lot. In today’s world, Wendell means the wanderer, who has a thirst to travel the world to gain immense knowledge.

29. Xavier: Xavier meaning is luminous or bright. The name Xavier is significant in both the Spanish and Arab traditions.

30. Zephan: A Hebrew name that means the blessing of the Lord.

25+ Cute Black Boy Names:

People often believe that a name has an immense impact on human characteristics. Parents love to name their newborns on something cute or adorable. As well, they also want to give their child a meaningful name that will further motivate him to become an influential person. Numerous titles are cute, significant, and never grow old-fashioned. We are presenting some of them.

1. Antonne: It means valuable or priceless. The derivation of the word Anthonne or Anthony comes from Greek Mythology.

2. Andres: Belongs to a Spanish language Andres meaning brave. It is easy to pronounce, has a cute, stylish vibe with a profound meaning.

3. Bryson: The English word Bryson means ‘Son of a Nobleman.’ Bryson also indicates immense talent and intelligence.

4. Cahya: Cahya is a cute black boy’s name. The word ‘Cahya’ is from the Balinese language that means brightness or a luminous light.

5. Cronan: It means ‘little dark one.’ The adorable meaning of Cronan made it popular among black people to set their child’s nickname.

6. Damien: Arrived from the Greek word ‘Daman,’ the name ‘Damien’ denotes an influential person among people. Damien is a word applicable to those who can tame anyone by their influence.

7. Dajuan: It indicates a gracious person. The name Dajuan has an African American past.

8. Dashawn: Even the name Dashawn denotes a gracious person. If you have twins and want to give your children a similar name, Dashawn is a perfect pair with Dajuan.

9. Darryl: The word darling came from the old English word ‘Darryl.’ People who are too fond of cuddling names for their baby boy can embrace Darryl for their child.

10. Effren: As a Christian name in English culture, Effren signifies a productive person. Effren has well-meaning, is easy to pronounce, and seems adorable for your baby.

11. Harken: Harken moralizes the color Dark-red. In the Black community, using the skin color as their baby name is quite prominent. For those people, Harken is ideal.

12. Jammar: Jammar is an Arabic expression used for sparks or a handsome man.

13. Jadyn: Jadyn represents a precious pebble in Hebrew tradition. Jadyn derived from the word Jade.

14. Kadek: Kadek is Balinese name parents choose for their second or middle or youngest son. The meaning of Kadek is a tiny brother.

15. Khalan: Khalan means brave. It is a Brazilian name and quite popular among the Black culture.

16. Lamonte: it is a Scottish noun. In the Scottish trend, people often address a lawful person as Lamonte.

17. Marcel: Marcel is a person who has attractive waves in his hair. In other sense, it symbolizes a young warrior. As a name, Marcel is common yet worthy for your baby boy.

18. Owen: Owen arrived from the word Eugene that stands for a dignified person.

19. Quinn: Embraced by a Scottish-Irish origin, Quinn signifies a witty person. A doubly wise person is also a Quinn.

20. Stephen: Stephen symbolizes a jewel or a crown. According to Biblical tradition, Stephen was the first Christian martyr.

21. Sullivan: In Irish customs, a Dark-eyed person is a Sullivan. When your baby boy’s eyes influence you to name him based on his glance, choose Suvillan.

22. Thomas: The name Thomas carries a North European gene that means leader.

23. Ujunwa: as popular in Nigerian tradition, Ujunwa is a child who is wealthy or bears the abundance of prosperity.

24. Vincent: Vincent arrived from the Latin word Vincere. Vincent or Vincere means be the victor.

25. Yazen: Yazen is a popular name in Aussie culture. Yazen means a judge or a person with wisdom.

26. Zeeshan: A Turkish name that indicates a high standard. The interpretation of the word ‘Zee’ is the beholder of the, and the word ‘Shan’ is luxury or magnificence.

27. Zuberi: Name Your baby boy with the word that represents glory or strength. In the Egyptian language, Zuberi means a healthy person or someone superior.

Some More African American Boy Names:

African American people are a bearer of diverse culture and heritage. Afro Americans shared a significant part in American history and played an essential role in shaping America. An urbanized America can’t deny the contribution of black ethnicity in their development.

Black Americans are always trendy in naming their newborns. There are several factors they consider before providing a name to their child. Considering those factors, we are publishing some cute and unique meaningful baby boy names that we think would be helpful.

1. Aman: The Arabic name Aman means conviction, faith. Aman is an elegant name for a Muslim baby boy.

2. Andrew: In Ancient Greek people, inhabitants used to address a courageous person or a warrior like Andrew.

3. Autry: Autry means strength. In old French and English cultures, Autry was a regular word to indicate power.

4. Baron: Barron signifies wealth. Derived from Hebrew, it also represents power, potency.

5. Bart: Bart was one among twelve chief followers of Jesus. The word came from the Greek word Bartholomais.

6. Caleb: If your descendants belonged to a Hebrew culture and want your children to bear it, a Hebrew name could be your first attempt. Caleb is a Hebrew word which means trustworthy.

7. Cleotha; A Greek word came from the name Cleo that means recognition or fame.

8. Elvan: elvan is a Turkish expression that signifies colors.

9. Emmett: The word Emmett belongs to different languages, but all shares the same meaning. No matter if it is in German, French, or English language, it means Universal.

10. Ethridge: Aeolic was an English ruler in ancient English culture. With time and the revolution, it transferred into the word Ethridge that means noble ruler. Name your child Ethridge if you want him to instill the noble qualities within himself.

11. Ghalen: Ghalen symbolizes a person who is calm and peaceful. No one desires an aggressive child. If you want your son to be the beholder of calmness, you can put your effort by choosing a name that promotes tranquility.

12. Joaquin: Another Hebrew word to name your black baby boy that means ‘recognized by God’.

13. Justus: Justus was a follower of Jesus in his early preaching. The word Justice came from the Latin word Justus which means just or upright.

14. Kafi: The Arabic/Urdu word Kafi/Al Kafi means sufficient. Often parents desire to grow a child as self-sufficient. He should depend only on his Lord and the capacity he got from the Lord. The name Kafi will be a great reminder for your son to become self-sufficient in his upcoming life.

15. Nehemiah: though Nemiah is an English word, initially, it came from the Arabic word Niyamah which means Almighty’s blessing.

16. Novian: A person with a sharing and caring nature is a Novian. A Novian is he who appreciates the little things of life.

17. Shovon: The meaning of Shovon is pleasant and benevolent. Astrologers predict that the person with this name will become a fortunate one with wealth and prosperity.

While naming your child, some parents are cautious about the meaning of the name. However, some parents don’t care about meaning. They want their child to have a new, adorable name during their whole life. For those parents, we guess the following will be helpful.

1. Aabinus
2. Adie
3. Adrik
4. Arris
5. Ahmed
6. Akmad
7. Alwan
8. Anjishnu
9. Arold
10. Aston
11. Azibo
12. Beyonce
13. Bisman
14. Brunus
15. Carlos
16. Cassieta
17. Cassius
18. Clester
19. Clayton
20. Daruk
21. Dayton
22. Deoin
23. Dontrell
24. Dander
25. Derrick
26. Dewain
27. D’Quan
28. Eason
29. Edward
30. Edhem
31. Eliyah
32. Ervan
33. Finton
34. Garrell
35. Gaynelle
36. Harmen
37. Jacoury
38. Jahquil
39. Jayden
40. Jevonte
41. Kadeem
42. Keenan
43. Kerrim
44. Keshawn
45. Kimbel
46. Kyrone
47. Kwamin
48. Laken
49. Latanya
50. Laneile
51. Laqueta
52. Laquez
53. La Vann
54. Lucius
55. Mahlik
56. Markael
57. Martell
58. Marques
59. Mekell
60. Muncel
61. Mykeiti
62. Najeem
63. Najwa
64. Nimbus
65. Norton
66. Obiajulu
67. Ontrel
68. Orion
69. Quaddus
70. Quarren
71. Quanella
72. Quisha
73. Raimy
74. Rashaun
75. Ronnell
76. Salim
77. Sabahel
78. Shandra
79. Tandice
80. Tavell
81. Terek
82. Threston
83. Trever
84. Tyrice
85. Tyrell
86. Tyrus
87. Usher
88. Velinda
89. Vennie
90. Xenon
91. Yabachi
92. Zaid
93. Zamari
94. Zaniel
95. Zareb
96. Zaquan
97. Zaverie
98. Zawnte
99. Zephan
100. Zharvis

Naming is the first among many responsibilities you fulfill while raising your children. Name is the divine thing that will be the identity of your child till death. And you don’t want your ten or sixteen-year-old son to blame you for choosing an insensitive, boorish name.

In Black or African American ethnicity, naming a child is one sacred thing. Thus, they consider numerous elements while naming. We can understand your concern. This article is a gift of your early days of parenthood to make your very first days of parenting a little bit less.