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100+ Influential Mudwing Names With Meanings

In the wings of the fire family, MudWings are one of the most influential dragon tribes. Some also claim that they are the largest tribe in Pyrrhia. Their skin is armored scaled that has shade varieties from orange to dark brown to maroon. Some Mudwings have green body scales. They have broad snouts containing nostrils on the top and short horns. Eye colors vary from amber to brown to golden.

Mudwings or Swamp dragons are the strongest dragon tribe under the rule of Queen Moorhen. Mud kingdom, Diamond Spray Delta, swampy areas near the Sea Kingdom(Seawing), and the Rainforest Kingdom(Rainwing) are their residences. In the war of Succession, Burn and the SkyWings were their allies, and Blister and Blaze were their opponents. Though Burn created a forced alignment by threatening to destroy the clan, they offered a hundred years of peace between two tribes in return.

Clan Details | MudWings:

Mud dragons have thick, protected skin shells, flat snouts along with nostrils on the top. These nostrils help them to breathe while submerging their body in muds for long. While surrounded by enemies, their orange, brown, and green colored skin help them conceal their shape in the mud. Even the eyes of Mudwings are brown, gold, and yellowish color. These color-contrasts help them to trick their opponents by hiding themselves whenever needed. They have a crocodile-like muscular body. Well-built body structure made the Mudwings physically the strongest tribe.

Mudwings possess a strong bond with their siblings. They grow up and share a close relationship with their siblings’ group called ‘sibs.’ Here, the oldest siblings are the leader, named ‘Bigwings.’
Special abilities

Mudwings treat and heal their deep wounds with mud, swamp, or marsh. Mud dragons can breathe fire but are weak in fire breathing compared to the other tribes.

Swamp dragons have a unique ability to hold their breath up to an hour. Thus, they can survive underwater for long. Some Mudwings lay red eggs. Dragonets that hatch from those eggs are fire-resistant. Their fire-resistant ability becomes activated in the presence of a large amount of mud.

MudWings’ names are mostly related to mud, swampy areas, species, or plants of the muddy fields. Here is a list of 100+ cool male and female MudWings names to make your Wings of Fire tribe a unique one.

1. Acorn (The pre-oral segment of the body)
2. Agate (An ornate stone)
3. Almond (The oval nutlike kernel)
4. Alligator (A reptile)
5. Antelope (A speedy deer)
6. Argil (Clay for making terracotta)
7. Ash (Residues after burning)
8. Auburn (Reddish-brown color)
9. Autumn (The season after summer before winter)
10. Bass (Low sound)
11. Basswood (A lime tree from North America)
12. Barro (Mud)
13. Bayou (A muddy exit of a river)
14. Beige (Sandy color)
15. Billabong (A pool-like river branch)
16. Bittern (A mud bird)
17. Bog (swampy area)
18. Borea (Northerly wind)
19. Boulder (Large stone)
20. Bramble (A shrub)
21. Brown (Tanned color)
22. Bronze (Copper color)
23. Buttonbush (Shrub grows in water)
24. Caiman (A reptile of Tropical America)
25. Catfish (A marine fish)
26. Cavern (A dark place)
27. Cinderblock (A lightweight building block)
28. Cobalt (White magnetic metal)
29. Coot (Aquatic bird with blackish wings)
30. Core (Central part)
31. Cougar (A greyish wild cat)
32. Coypu (A South American rodent)
33. Crawdad ( Crayfish)
34. Crayfish (Lobster-like marine fish)
35. Croc (Crocodile)
36. Creek (A narrow waterway)
37. Curlew (A wading bird)
38. Deluge (Engulfed with the flood)
39. Dogwood (A small decorative tree)
40. Duckweed (North American duck species)
41. Ecru (A light color)
42. Egret (Heron species)
43. Elk (A large deer of Northern America)
44. Estuary (Tidal entrance of large river)
45. Everglade (A swampy land)
46. Fallow (Unplowed)
47. Fawn (A baby deer)
48. Finch (A colorful songbird)
49. Flamingo (A wading bird with pink plumage)
50. Flytrap (A fly-catching trap)
51. Frogbit (A floating plant)
52. Gadwall (A freshwater duck)
53. Gallinule (Mud-living bird)
54. Garial (Indian crocodile)
55. Gator (A crocodile-like reptile)
56. Gravel (Stones)
57. Grouse (A gaming bird)
58. Grove (A small wood)
59. Gunk (Something messy)
60. Hawthorn (A thorny tree)
61. Holm (An island)
62. Hornet (A flying bird)
63. Ibis (A cute wading bird)
64. Jewelweed (North American plant)
65. Juniper (Shrub with berrylike foods)
66. Kaolin (Soft white clay)
67. Landslide (A collapse created by falling heavy rock)
68. Larch (Forest with pine trees)
69. Lilypad (Leaf of water lily)
70. Loam (A fertile soil)
71. Loosestrife (A plant with leafy stem)
72. Lotus (Lily)
73. Mallard (Duck species of the northern hemisphere)
74. Mantle
75. MarshStalker
76. MarshWarrior
77. Meadow (Grassland)
78. Monkshood (Shrub with blue flowers)
79. Moss (Carpet-like green plant)
80. Muck (Dirt)
81. Mudskipper (A mudfish)
82. Muskrat (North American rodent)
83. Myrtle (Small green shrub)
84. Ooze (Sluggish flow of liquid)
85. Ore (A natural solid)
86. Peat (A brown soil)
87. Pebble (Stone)
88. Polliwog (Tadpole)
89. PondSwimmer
90. Puddle (A mud pool)
91. Quake (Earth shake)
92. Russet (Dessert apple)
93. Rushes
94. Salamander (An amphibian)
95. Sandpiper (A long-beaked wading bird)
96. Slime (Mud)
97. Sloppy (Muddy area)
98. Slosh (Overflow)
99. Squish
100. Squelch
101. Sawgrass (Grass with spiny-edged leaves)
102. Swamp (Marsh/Mud)
103. Swamprunner
104. Swamphunter
105. Terra (A territory)
106. Toadstool (Mushroom)
107. Turf (lawn grass)
108. Willow (Shrub with narrow leaves)

109. Sora (Sora is a young female MudWing and also one of Clay’s six siblings)

110. Toad (A boy amphibian)

MudWing are the most different tribe clan. They have some special abilities that most of the wings of the fire tribe do not have. They are the strongest, closer with siblings, and hold their breath for a long time. So, whenever you play as a member Mudwing, an exceptional clan name helps you to develop confidence and goodwill. These 100+ great names are a little endeavor to help you out.