Find Here Names that Mean Fire

50 Fantastic Names that Mean Fire

Naming a baby can be the most difficult experience apart from keeping you sane from the excitement of it. Let me tell you why – it has to be unique and has to describe your child’s personality, something that we are yet to know.

The whole process is pretty much a blind guess. You don’t know if your child is going to be an artist or a lawyer, a rebel or a sedate or even, anyone at all. But a passion for these? That’s the common ground — we just need a little shift in your perspective.

Amidst all these, you realize how your baby lit up you and your partner’s life keeping your heart warm, just like sitting beside a fireplace on a cold day. Perhaps, it’s the fire raging within, a metaphor for passionate personalities.

Fire is one crucial object of nature that has a severe influence over humankind. According to Chinese traditions, fire indicates divinity, and in Egyptian norms, it is a symbol of superiority and control. In the Christian community, fire represents religious enthusiasm. Apart from those cultures, several parents want to grow a fiery spirit within their child, and for them, choosing a fire-based title is the first initiative. While fire holds so much importance among people, names that mean ‘fire’ have always got a massive hype.

Keeping the common ground in mind, we have 50+ names that mean fire to name the little spark of your life.


Boy Names That Mean Fire:

  1. Aarush
  2. Admani
  3. Agnideep
  4. Agnivo
  5. Aidan
  6. Amarkeeri
  7. Anatole
  8. Anshul
  9. Anwar
  10. Apollo
  11. Ashabel
  12. Azar
  13. Barak
  14. Baskara
  15. Brando
  16. Brenton
  17. Citrabanu
  18. Cole
  19. Conleth
  20. Cyrus
  21. Drake
  22. Ebo
  23. Egan
  24. Eleo
  25. Fintan
  26. Flint
  27. Hagan
  28. Ignatius
  29. Iri
  30. Keahilani
  31. Keegan
  32. Langa
  33. Loki
  34. Mishal
  35. Obayana
  36. Pele
  37. Phoenix
  38. Sampson
  39. Sulien
  40. Taner
  41. Titus
  42. Tyson
  43. Uri

Girl Names That Mean Fire:

  1. Alev
  2. Bren

Unisex Names That Mean Fire:

  1. Huilu
  2. Ra
  3. Mogotsi
  4. Kealohi

Other Names

  1. Boadway


So, naming your baby with a fire meaning name can truly make a difference in his or her life. The name will shine and rule with its power, so your child will indeed rule with the flame.

The list of names has been enlisted by many international names from various origins. We hope that you will find the right one rummaging from here which will strike a chord in you at various levels.
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