sandwing names

Top 100 SandWing Names With Meanings

Sandwings are desert dragons of Pyrrhia. They have sparkling black eyes, forked black tongues, and a tingle tail with a venomous sting. The ability of fire breathing and having a poisonous tail, they easily defend themselves from enemies by stabbing or poisoning. Desert dragons have a sand-colored body with a pale-yellow, tan, or yellowish shade. They are long-necked muscular species and can hide their body in the sand for disguise. The biological and anatomical body structure made them entirely survivable in the desert.

Queen Wasis, the Queen of sand, was their monarch. But they split between three clans after the murder of Queen Oasis by a scavenger.

Interesting facts: the poisonous stinger of Sand dragons can kill any dragon. The scratch becomes black and starts to show its effect. But, in case someone accidentally gets poisoned, Sandwings have a secret antidote. They are light eaters and the best hearing of all the clans.

A to Z Names of SandWing | Male & Female Included 

  1. Ash (Powdery remainder after burning something)
  2. Atacama (Long desert in Chile)
  3. Apophis (Enemy of the Sun God RA, serpent)
  4. Aloe (A succulent plant)
  5. Alabaster (White and apparent gypsum)
  6. Addax (A white animal in North American desert)
  7. Arid (Non-rainy barren area)
  8. Anuket (Egyptian goddess)
  9. ArmadilLo (A nocturnal mammal in South America)
  10. Bone (Hard whitish tissue of the human body that forms skeleton)
  11. Brown Recluse (A poisonous spider)
  12. Bastet (Ancient Egyptian goddess)
  13. Black widow (A venomous American spider)
  14. Brushfire (A fire in an area with shrubs, bushes, etc.)
  15. Burrow (Hole made by an animal)
  16. Burn (Destroyed by fire)
  17. Barb (One kind of thorn)
  18. Barren (Desert area)
  19. Beetle (Ladybug)
  20. Cactus (A succulent plant with spine and fleshy stem)
  21. Cobra (A highly venomous African snake)
  22. Chuparosa (A desert shrub)
  23. Cleopatra (A European butterfly)
  24. Chinchilla (Rabbit with silver-grey fur)
  25. Camel (A long-necked desert animal)
  26. Cairo (Capital of Egypt)
  27. Cheetah (A large slender spotted tiger species)
  28. Capybara (A giant rodent)
  29. Dingo (A wild dog)
  30. Delta
  31. Desierto (A desolate land)
  32. Dusk (Sunset)
  33. Drought (Shortage of water)
  34. Dawn (First light of a day)
  35. Dune (A loose residue in the desert)
  36. Desolate (A deserted place)
  37. Echidna (An egg-laying mammal)
  38. Eucalyptus (An Australasian tree)
  39. Egypt
  40. Flare (A bright flame or light)
  41. Fox
  42. Funnel (A pipe)
  43. Fennec (A fox with large sharp ear)
  44. Gazelle
  45. Grey
  46. Gopher (A tortoise of sandy areas)
  47. Hathor (Goddess of sky, love, fertility in Egyptian history)
  48. Heatwave (A stretched hot period)
  49. Hyena (An African doglike mammal)
  50. Horus (A god in Egyptian history)
  51. Heat
  52. Hare
  53. Heatstroke
  54. Ironwood (Trees that form hard timber)
  55. Jackal
  56. Kindle
  57. Killer
  58. Locust (A grasshopper)
  59. Lizard
  60. Lion
  61. Mamba (Highly venomous African snake)
  62. Needle
  63. Osiris (An ancient Egyptian god of resurrection)
  64. Pharaoh (Title of ancient Egyptian monarchs)
  65. Parch
  66. Pyramid
  67. Palms
  68. Peach (A yellow fleshy round fruit)
  69. Quail (A short gaming bird)
  70. Quicksand (Loose wet sand)
  71. Ra (Sun God in Egyptian history)
  72. Reptile
  73. Scorch
  74. Sobek (Ancient Egyptian divinity)
  75. Saguaro (Giant cactus)
  76. Scald (Injury caused by hot liquid)
  77. Scorpion (Lobster with poisonous sting)
  78. Snake
  79. Sahara
  80. Sage (An aromatic plant, culinary herb)
  81. Sear (Sudden burn with intense heat)
  82. Sunrise
  83. Sizzie (Hissing sound of burning)
  84. Sandwasp
  85. Sakhmet (Warrior goddess)
  86. Serpent
  87. Sun
  88. Sand
  89. Sienna (Deep brown or reddish shade)
  90. Shrub
  91. Taipan
  92. Thicket (Forest with dense trees)
  93. Tawny
  94. Tan (Yellowish color)
  95. T-rex (King of dinosaurs)
  96. Venom
  97. Whipsnake (Fast-moving small snake)
  98. Xerocole (Desert animal)
  99. Yuccas (Plant with white ball-shaped flowers)
  100. Zebra