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15 Skyrim Dragon Names With Details

‘A beast-like creature’ that’s the first thing that comes into our mind while thinking of a dragon. But the qualities of Skyrim dragons make them different from the other dragon species. They are reptilians from Akavir, after their extinction in 4E 201, they resurrected in Skyrim. They carry several human characteristics like intelligence, adeptness in giving speeches, numerous languages, and written languages. Even their spoken languages, known as dragon shouts or thu’um, are more effective than any other powerful casts.

Because of these dragons, the fifth series of Elder Scroll games became one of the most successful games in the century. They are challenging to deal with, but once you know the tactics to defeat them, the game’s real fun starts. If you’re playing to beat them, you must have enough knowledge about them. The following write-ups are our contributions to let you know some scary and fiery dragon tribes; you need to be careful while playing.

15 Skyrim Dragon Names:

1. Paarthurnax

Power, strength, wisdom, and sensibility made Paathurnax one of a kind. His insight and age always let him choose what is right over what is his own. He was a devotee to protect the future of both humans and dragons. Though he was far away from doing anything evil, he won’t sit easily if any Dragonborn wants to fight with him deliberately. That’s how Paarthumax is kind, generous to every other species but will give no stone unturned to defeat the opponents who are harmful to his own.

2. Voslaarum and Nasslaarum

Voslaarum and Naaslaarum are two super-powerful dragons who always stay together in the Forgotten Vale. These two often spend too much energy in a simple fight, so the faster they are beaten, the better. This weak strategy often lets others overpower them. But that doesn’t mean one can defeat them that easily. They can disappear underwater and resurface at any time.

Voslaarum and Naaslaarum usually explode from under the ice to generate an attack.

3. Legendary dragon

Putting Legendary Dragons into the game is one tacky decision of The Dawnguard DLC to engage their fans into games consequently. These reptiles are experts in fire-breathe, ice-breathe, and damaging their foes’ vitality. They appear in level 75 and are the fiercest dragon type to exist. A player needs an ideal preparation for a fight if they want to keep themselves safe from Legendary dragons.

4. Alduin dragon

Alduin has sharp, all-black scales and spikes. His ability to radiate peril and darkness makes him one intimating dragon. This aggressive reptile owns six yells and has 50% immunity to all damage sources.

5. Revered dragon

Revered dragons breathe fire, damage opponents’ energy and can yell mercilessly to overpower the foes.
They are the most sweet-looking dragon who appears in level 33. But don’t let their look fool you as their poisonous bite, multifaceted attacks, and a massive health bar are as fiery as they should be.

6. Durnehvllr dragon

While other dragons pay a massive focus in yelling and firing, Durnehviir defeats his enemies with his excellent spell technique. Durnehviir leads a group called the Ideal Masters, where he teaches sorcery and makes the folks swear to protect the Soul Cairn and Valerica in exchange.

When you’re an elder scroll player, you need to know Durnehviir’s tie to the Soul Cairn. It means their departure is impossible, and they will ultimately reappear.

7. Ancient dragon

Ancient dragons generally arrive around level 50. They have tremendous health bars, extraordinary powers to burn, freeze, or yell at their enemies. As a player, you should know their strength and stroke output can significantly increase at any time. A simple carelessness can cause lost hours of gameplay.

8. Odahviing dragon

Alduin needed an army to increase his attack on humans, and in the process, he elected Odahviing as his lieutenant. He is a high-ranking, reputed dragon who can split apart his foes. But as a team member, Odahviing isn’t core loyal. Thus, when the Dragonborn captures Odahviing, in exchange for his safety, he trades Alduin’s location.

9. Viinturuth dragon

Viinturuth is very harmful to a player, so you need to be extra careful every time you’re dealing with him. Once he finds the player, he starts to hit with fire or ice so cruelly that it’s hard to free him from his paw. He comes out of a burial hill by Anga’s Mill in Eastmarch but always travels beyond searching for his enemies.

Though he is not the most powerful dragon of Skyrim, a player will face hardship to deal with him due to his extreme violent determination.

10. Elder dragon

Elder Dragons arrive at level 40. Their ability is screaming, fire, and ice-breathing. They are the most potent lizards, have a larger health pool, contain more protection, and tolerate power against many more hits

11. Vulthuryol dragon

Vulthuryol dragon is the inhabitant of the old Dwemer capital Blackreach. He stays in a secret location full of antique structures and reserves. However, players will find him in the center building at level 50.

12. Sahloknir dragon

Sahloknir is a Frost Dragon and can use fire and frost, a few roars. This rough guy eats a player’s stamina.

13. Frost dragon

At level 30, you will find that Frost Dragons, who are severely biased toward frost, can produce icy shouts, and contain greater health. If a player is not cold-resistant, these ice lizards may create great trouble for you. They are weak against fire; a few fireballs are dominant tools to win against any Frost Dragon.

14. Nahagliiv

The caves, forts, and ancient tombs, these three locations are the place where you may find Nahagliiv, the fire dragon. You need to be extra careful while passing the hill above Rorikstead, where Nahgliiv mostly lives.

15. Vuijotnaak

Vuijotnaak is a flying lizard, belongs to Alduin’s army and resurrected from unique mounds. Whiterun Hold is his residence, and often flys between Fort Sungard and Broken Fang Cave. Vuijotnaak is just a brown dragon with a fancy name. He doesn’t contain too much power, only throws fire or frost, and doesn’t perform in any troublesome battleground.

Definitely, Skyrim dragons are powerful, but you should not demean your energy and power. Just know details about them, pay extra caution, and start to target their weakest points. The turn will be yours.