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100 Skyrim Khajiit Names | Male And Female Included

The Khajiit is a fictional race of Elder Scroll games. Skyrim Khajiits are agile and sly and are more dependent on their claws than any other weapon. While fighting against others, they make weird faces by flattening their ears, narrowing their eyes, and showing their teeth. They contain stealth talents, are witty, and agile. But all their talent is of no use as most of them waste those capabilities in wrongdoings.

Khajiits have a painful past. The oppression and abusive nature of wealthy families and industrialists of Morrowind in the past made them rebel and gave the habit to snatch things by pressure. Khajiits who migrated from Elsweyr to Skyrim, trying hard to utilize their cunning nature in merchandising and trade. But still, the reduction rate of smuggling and other misdeeds is too slow to count.

In the game, they are the beast race and considered second class citizens due to their feline appearance. Their looks have cat resemblance. Some of them look like mountain cats, and some look like cat species; few have a similarity with a tiger or leopard’s face. They have too many facial stripes and hairs. Their beast-like body features often cause immense racism by the other tribes of Tamriel. There are several misconceptions about the Khajiit race. They gained a bad reputation for involvement in drug dealing and thievery. This negative background affects the other Khajiit’s lives who want to exist honestly.

No matter how they are, while playing as a Skyrim Khajiit, a proper name is all you care about. Therefore, we are presenting 50 male and 50 female characters to help you the best.

Skyrim Khajiit (Male)

1. Ahstae
2. Ak’lima
3. Amazirr
4. Barastavir
5. Boorahior
6. Dar’jhan
7. Do’har
8. Dro’sha
9. Hannubussi
10. Hashad
11. Husha
12. Jahktamil
13. Ja’tasarr
14. Ji’andra
15. Ji’iq
16. Kahraoni
17. Kash
18. K’aasha
19. K’enji
20. Kharjo
21. Kihrstee
22. Ma’dran
23. Mahrikpoor
24. Mahspaer
25. Ma’jhad
26. Ma’randru-jo
27. Ma’tasrr
28. Ma’zaka
29. M’aiq
30. Morjo
31. Omhirr
32. Qa’bil
33. Qa’sha
34. Rahknair
35. Ra’kheran
36. Rosopor
37. Sijradir
38. Soltamil
39. Tavakrabi
40. Urjdul
41. Urjaverr
42. Urjozaka
43. Vasarr
44. Vasha
45. Wadraym
46. Xabus
47. Xakahr
48. Zahjbari
49. Zan’enji
50. Zastae

Skyrim Khajiit (Female)

1. Adharassa
2. Ahkari
3. Ahjisi
4. Atahbah
5. Bahdfeliz
6. Bahia
7. Bahrajamhan
8. Bhushira
9. Chirisa
10. Dahahni
11. Drola
12. Drofeliz
13. Ekaasma
14. Ekapjjan
15. Favari
16. Hamnunahir
17. Havnudavi
18. Hannustee
19. Inoriba
20. Jahkibihrith
21. Jarbiri
22. Javabes
23. Kadavi
24. Katannil
25. Khaji
26. Khayla
27. Kistahe
28. M’ba
29. M’sma
30. M’ura
31. Qa’srin
32. Ra’ari
33. Rahknahir
34. Ra’zhinda
35. Rawibihrith
36. Sihgandihr
37. Shalani
38. Shavari
39. Shauji
40. Tsajsi
41. Tsavani
42. Tsarasuna
43. Udarjarsi
44. Vanmuzi
45. Vajhnjarsi
46. Zabja
47. Zakpoor
48. Zastavir
49. Zaynabi
50. Zayndahna

Skyrim Khajiits do not possess the characters everyone is proud to play. But when you think of it as only a game, a cool name is what should matter. So, pick your choice and let the other clans observe what an honest Khajiit can do.