Southern Last Names

100 Southern Last Names With Meanings

Among all American surnames, Southerns are the most interesting. Because of the origins and the profound meanings, southern names have always gained well-acceptance from people. Some are traditional, some contain poetic significance influenced by nature, and some follow hundred years old family practice. Several southern names symbolize personal attribute, human nature, areas, occupation, etc. Southern titles are classic while naming any fictional character, gaming character or even searching for an unusual last name for your baby.

The name-list we are forming below contains some well-established and some uncommon last names. Several among them are popular through TV shows and movies. They are entertaining, engaging, passionate, and enthralling.

1. Abernathy

Abernathy means river-mouth. Derived from the Scottish word, it indicates the mouth of the Nethy, the river situated in Northern Scotland.

2. Adams

Derived from Scottish dialect, Adams means Son of Adam. Adams is a frequent last name among English and Scottish household.

3. Aiken

The basis of the name Aiken found in both the Scottish and Old English language. It indicates the resources of Oak trees.

4. Alden

Originated from the Scottish word Ealdwine, Alden symbolizes an old friend. Alden also found in Old English dialect where they use this word both as a last name and nickname.

5. Allen

Allen is a well-recognized surname found in Scottish, Irish and Old English dialect. It symbolizes an attractive person.

6. Armstrong

Armstrong denotes someone with strong arms. The word also signifies the offspring of a strong man. By origin, it is a Scottish word.

7. Bakeman

It is a Dutch word which denotes an inhabitant of a riverside area.

8. Baker

Baker is a transformation of the Old English word Bacan. Bacan means to dry through heating.

9. Barnes

It is an occupational name. According to English tradition, people work at a barn owned Barnes as their last name.

10. Barton

It is an Old English word by origin. Dwellers who live in Barton following the heritage, often embrace Barton as their surnames. This last name is also popular in German, Polish and Slavic culture.

11. Baskin

Baskin is a Scottish-originated word. Residents of Banffshire in Ancient Scotland used to took Baskin as their last name.

12. Bates

Derived from the English name Bartholomew, Bates denotes a boatman.

13. Beauregard

By origin, Beauregard is a French word that means beautiful gaze.

14. Berkeley

Pronounced as Berk-Lee, Berkeley is an Old English word. It means meadow under the birch tree.

15. Birdie

Birdie denotes something bright or famous. The word shares Old English, German and American origin.

16. Boone

Boone means good. The root of this word has found in Old French and Latin language.

17. Bowen

Originated from Welsh dialect, Bowen symbolizes the son of a nobleman or a young warrior.

18. Brown

The word ‘Brown’ originated from Old English and Old French dialect. Brown signifies a specific hair or skin colour.

19. Calhoun

Arrived from the Gaelic word Colquhoun, Calhoun means a specific angle or corner.

20. Campbell

Campbell is a renowned Scottish last name that means wry mouth. It denotes a person who uses satirical words all the time.

21. Cook

In Anglo Saxon culture, the word cook used to signify the people who sold cooked meats. Therefore, it established as a surname.

22. Corbin

Originated from the English word Corbeau, Corbin symbolizes a black-haired person.

23. Cunningham

The well-accepted Irish surname Cunningham is of Gaelic by origin. The name represents the successors of Cuinneagan family.

24. Davenport

In ancient England, inhabitants of Davenport used to take this as their surname. By origin, it is an Old English word.

25. Davis

Derived from the Welsh word, Davis means beloved.

26. Dawson

It means son of David, and by origin, it is an English word.

27. Donaldson

Donaldson is the modern variation of the Gaelic word Dhomhnaill.

28. Drayton

Drayton is the recent formation of the Old English word Drag. It means to pull or drag.

29. Ellis

Found in both the English and Welsh lingo, Ellis is a derivative of the word Elias and Elus. It means generous.

30. Evans

Evans means heir of Evan. It came from the Welsh name Ifan in southern tradition.

31. Ferry

The Irish word Ferry is an occupational last name. It denotes a ferryman.

32. Ferrell

Irish-originated word Ferrell symbolizes a brave and dignified person.

33. Fortner

Arrived from the German word Portenaere, Fortner means gate or entrance.

34. Fry

A variation of the term Free, Fry is the renovation of the Old English word Frig.

35. Fuller

Derived from the Old English word Fuller, Fuller is an occupational name. People, who cleaned, rubbed and tucked clothes as an occupation used to take this as their last name.

36. Garcia

Garcia is the Spanish variation of the word Gerald that means a pointed weapon, like a spear.

37. Grady

Grady means noble. It derived from the Irish word Grada.

38. Graves

The word Graves arrived from the Middle English term Greyve. Middle English language is the successor of Old English and the predecessor of Modern English dialect.

39. Grymes

The surname Grymes found in Old English dialect which means son of Grimme.

40. Goodwin

Goodwin is one of the most popular southern names. It came from the Old English word Godwine and Middle English word Godwyn.

41. Hall

The last name Hall is of English by origin. It denotes someone who lives or works in a mansion or state.

42. Harding

Derived from the Old English word Hearding, Harding symbolizes a courageous and muscular person.

43. Harrison

Harrison means descendent or son of Harry. Harrison is an English-originated word.

44. Hernandez

It is a Spanish-originated word and a popular surname since the 15th century. Hernandez means son of Hernando.

45. Hazel

Derivation of an Old English word, Hazel symbolizes people who live next to a hazelnut orchard.

46. Holt

The well-accepted southern last name Holt is a German word. It signifies an orchard fill with trees.

47. Hunt

According to Old English language, Hunta denoted people who took hunting as their occupation. The last name Hunt came from the word Hunta which means hunter.

48. Jackson

Jackson means son of Jack. The word is both American & English by origin.

49. Jennings

Though Jennings derived from the English word Janyn, it is a widespread surname in Irish culture. It means Little John.

50. Jewel

In modern English Jewel denotes ornaments. However, in the case of the last name, it is a Celtic-originated word which means abundant, generous.

51. Johnson

It belongs to Scottish dialect. Johnson means successors of John.

52. Jones

It is a Welsh-originated word and well-recognized surname in Wales and England.

53. Juanita

The Spanish-originated last name Juanita symbolizes God’s blessings.

54. Kindell

Adorned in Swedish dialect, Kindell signifies a clan or tribe.

55. Laini

Found in the Hawaiian language, Laini represents the water goddess in Hawaii.

56. Lee

Lee is the recent variation of the Irish last name Lea and Leigh.

57. Legare

Arrived from the old French word Esgarer, Legare means abandoned.

58. Lois

The word Lois used to belong in French etymology and now became renowned as a Southern last name. It means law or institution.

59. Lula

Originated from the German name Louise and Luella, Lula denotes a legendary combatant.

60. Mabel

Mabel is a popular Old English surname which originally came from the Latin word Amablis.

61. Madison

Derived from the English name Mathieson, Madison means son of Matthew.

62. Margaret

Greek word Margaret means pearl.

63. Marlin

In the 7th century, the English people used the word mere to signify a marshy ground. Marlin is the current variation of the word Mere.

64. Martin

Martin is a Latin word. In ancient Rome, people used to address the God of fertility as Martin.

65. Martinez

Adorned in Spanish language, Martinez means Son of Martin.

66. Maye

Originated from the Old French word mai and Latin word Maius, Maye signifies a person who born in May.

67. Merrill

It is the amalgamation of two Old English words Myrige and Hyll. Merrill or Merryhill means a pleasant hill area.

68. Middleton

It is an Old English word which denotes Middle town.

69. Mildred

Mostly found in Anglo Saxon culture and Old English dialect, Mildred means strength.

70. Miller

Miller is a Gaelic word which symbolizes a merchant.

71. Moore

Arrived from the Gaelic word Mordha and Irish word O’Mordha, the uncommon southern surname Moore signifies a noble person.

72. Omega

Found in Greek dialect, Omega denotes ending.

73. Pace

Pace means peace, and by origin, it is an Italian word.

74. Parker

Parker signifies the warden of a park. It is an occupational name found in English dialect.

75. Pinckney

In Old English and Norman period, Pinckney was the surname of the people who used to live in Picquigny in Northern France.

76. Ravenel

In ancient France, people used to address the sellers and growers of Horseradish as Ravene. Ravenel is the current variation of the word Ravene.

77. Redd

Redd is an Old English word used to symbolize a red-haired person.

78. Rhett

Rhett is the American variant of the Dutch word Raedt. Rhett means advice.

79. Roberson

One of the recognized last names Robertson is the accumulation of the English word Hroth, and berth. Hroth signifies fame where berth represents bright.

80. Rodgers

Derived from the Germanic word, Rodger denotes an expert in handling spear.

81. Rodriguez

Rodriguez is the modern form of Spanish-derived word Rodigrue, and Rodriques.

82. Ruckman

The modern variant of the Old German word Ruohman, Ruckman symbolizes enthusiasm.

83. Rutledge

Found in both the English and Scottish dialect, Rutledge is the variation of the word Rudledge, Rookledge, and Rucklidge.

84. Sims

Originated in both the Scottish & Dutch language, Sim indicates the heir of Simon.

85. Simmons

You will found the last name Simmons in Greek & Hebrew language simultaneously. The origin of this name is the word Shimon that means listening.

86. Shirley

Shirley is a popular habitational name in Anglo Saxon tradition. It is the accumulation of two Old English words. One is Scir which means bright, and the other is leah, that means wood.

87. Snell

The word snell is a transformed version of Celtic-Brythonic title Cornwall. Snell denotes an active person.

88. Taylor

Taylor is a well-accepted English surname which means cutter.

89. Tilleman

During the Anglo-Saxon period, people used to address cultivator as Tilman. Derived from the Old English originated word Tilman, Tilleman means a farmer.

90. Tolbert

Arrived from the Germanic name Talabert, Tolbert symbolizes a bright valley.

91. Tucker

While searching the history, you will find Tucker in English, German, and the Irish language. The word Tucker symbolizes a person who tucks bamboo clothes. It is an occupational surname.

92. Tyler

Adorned in both Old English & French language, Tyler signifies a tiles maker.

93. Umbra

Derived from the Latin word, Umbra designates a diligent person.

94. Ventura

The word Ventura adorns in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan language. It means destiny or luck.

95. Ward

Ward is an Old English and Old Gaelic originated word. It means swamp.

96. Warner

Originated from the English & German word Warnier, Warner indicates a guard.

97. Williams

The word William found in several dialects like English, French, Welsh, Roman. But it is the accumulated version of German terms Will and helm.

98. Wiley

The last name Wiley is the recent variation of the English word Willey. It denotes the Wylye River.

99. Wyatt

Wyatt denotes a fearless and courageous person. It is a transformed version of the Old English word Wigheard.

100. Yardley

Yardley signifies an inhabitant who lives in or next to large yard. Yardley is a recent formation of the old English word gyrd, or gerd.


When you are here searching for last names of southern, probably you are looking for a surname for a fictional character of your next novel. Or, maybe you are exploring a title for southern gaming character. These names make the southern people nostalgic who so dearly carry their cultures and traditions.