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Tinkerbell Fairies Names | Interesting Animated Characters

Tinker Bell is a computer-animated fairy film. Though Disney launched Tinker Bell in their Peter Pan film series in Tinker Bell, we got Tink as a speaking fairy with an exciting personality. Tinker Bell is an enthusiastic fairy who has a desperate attraction towards the stories of Mainland. Before believing that she is a tinker talent fairy, she tried to challenge herself by learning several skills from her friends.

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The storyline of the film series introduces us to Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, some strong Tinkerbell characters. They are the friends of tinker Bell and helped her throughout her journey. There are some other robust fairy characters, e.g., Vidia, the proud fairy, Zarina, the rebellious fairy, and Periwinkle, the twin sister of Tinker Bell. Their activities helped the storyline to grow and gave many twists and turns.

Because of their unique characteristics, every fairy has a different impact on Tinker Bell’s life. Though some of them provoked Tinker in doing impulsive things, here’s the dissection of their characteristics to know why Tinkerbell fairies are the soul of this film series.

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Right after her birth, winds brought Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow. She is the fairy who makes and fixes things by tinkering. She always has a fascination with the Mainland but broken down after knowing that tinkers can’t go there. Tinker met Fawn, Iridessa, and Rosetta, her friends in need. Periwinkle is the twin sister of Tinker Bell. Their birth happened from the same laugh, and they share some similar personalities.

Tinker Bell learned so much from her friends. They didn’t even hesitate to teach their fairy talent to the tinker bell. Silvermist comforted in her tough times. Fawn mentored her in teaching baby birds to fly. Tink learned to catch the light from Irridessa, and Rosetta taught her how to behave around dangerous plant creatures. Therefore, whenever she becomes upset with any failure, her friends always motivate her by their words of appreciation.

Tinker Bell is a tinker-talent fairy and has a thirst for knowledge. Though Vidia didn’t like her much, Tink asked her to teach the fast-flying technique. Vidia initiated to show her the method of sprinting thistles. But the jealousy by seeing Tinker’s progress made her lose the captured thistles. And throughout the process of recapturing those thistles, they shattered all the spring preparations.

Tinker Bell became successful in fixing the damage and got permission to join the trip of nature fairies as a reward.


Fawn is one charismatic persona in Pixie Hollow. She is an animal talent fairy; vegetarian, mischievous, shares a special bond with the animal and has tomboyish characteristics. She had the closest relationship with Tinker Bell and always wished the best for her.

Fawn is a small fairy with a slim body and appears in an orange dress with dark brown leggings most of the time. Her orange-tinted wings and a vine surrounding her waist create a classic fairy look.

As a fairy, Fawn is an animal specialist. She understands and fluently speaks in different animal languages. Sometimes we found her to prank on her friends by burping like a toad. While taking care of animals, Fawn developed a motherly side. In winter, she helped the animals to cross the border to the winter woods. While coaching Tinker Bell on how to teach the baby birds to fly, she was patiently monitoring the little birds along with Tinker Bell.


Iridessa fairy taught Tinkerbell to light the fireflies. She is a light-talent fairy, energetic, friendly, and very optimistic. No matter how particular and innovative the task is, she never quit until achieving her goal. So, the fairy world always appreciates her talent and considers her as the perfectionist.

Iridessa has an extraordinary ability to presume the danger before it happens. Thus, she becomes very cautious when she gets a sign and tries to help her friends. However, her optimistic side never weakens her confidence to fight in any situation. In times of danger, her brightest hands shine the moment and create a better solution.

Iridessa is always progressive to maintain a peaceful environment around her friends. She befriended Tinker Bell after she arrived in Pixie Hollow. Tinker bell learned to catch the light and the lighting bugs from her. Iridessa shares a sweet-sour relationship with Fawn. Fawn often played a prank on Iridessa, which proves their bond and reliable connection.


Periwinkle is the twin sister of Tinker Bell and shares the same wings pattern. She lives in the winter woods and known as the frost-talent fairy. Her wings sparkle in the border between autumn and winter, where she monitors if the animals are crossing the border safely.

Ice sliding on frozen waterfalls is Periwinkle’s favorite game. She also makes frost twirls and develops a massive curiosity in butterflies.

Connection with sister Tinker Bell: Periwinkle is a few seconds younger than Tinker Bell. They both have a common interest in collecting lost things. Chamomile tea is their favorite drink. But staying with one another for long was hard for them as the temperature of winter woods is harsh for Tinker Bell. Conversely, Periwinkle can’t survive in a warm temperature.


Rosetta is the wisest among her fellow fairies. She is the garden-fairy of Pixie Hollow and speaks in a southern accent. Rosetta fairy is well-mannered, has immense charm and thus often gives beauty tips to fairies and flowers. She loves to dress her best and share a well-built relationship with Fawn and Silvermist.

Rosetta agreed to teach Tinker Bell gardening. She later changed her mind while she found Tink fixing a music box. Despite living in the garden, she dislikes mud. The dress with pink and red combination, shoulder-length curly hair, the mannered expressions, and look always give Rosetta a polished look.

Rosetta fairy is mature enough than the others. She advised Tinker Bell to be careful while messing with dangerous plant creatures. She often showed judgmental opinion towards others’ looks and appearances but felt guilty later. Her endeavors to avoid the dirt or mud despite living in the garden at times created some comedic situations.


Silvermist is a water-talent fairy and taught Tinker Bell how to make droplets. She is the most sarcastic fairy in the group.

Silvermist fairy is a sweet, silly, free-spirited, easy-going soul. She has a friendly nature and is always sympathetic towards her. She comforted the Tinker bell when she found her disoriented and befriended her—following the heart more than her head made her make some silly decisions. She always pays attention to her fellows, which shows her sympathetic side.

The waist-length black hair, brown eyes, and slim figure give Silvermist an Asian appearance. She frequently wears a blue combination to make everyone believe that she was born to be a water fairy. Listening to rumor is Silvermist’s guilty pleasure.


Vidia is the only fairy whose residence is a sour palm tree. All the other fairies live in the Home trees of Pixie Hollow. She is self-centered, proud of her talent and position. She thinks that every fairy is not equal, and a talented fairy like her always deserves special.

Vidia is the main antagonist of the film and acted as a perfect rival towards Tinker. Her jealousy towards Tinker made her loosen the thistles while teaching her capturing them. Later she got punishment for her misdeeds.

Vidia is a fast-flying fairy, often racing with the dragonflies when no one is watching. She is the tallest fairy with long black hair, pouty lips, and arched eyebrows. Her secretive nature forced her to conceal a box under her bed. There she kept some extra pixie dust.

Vidia tended to pluck ten feathers of Mother Dove to collect extra Pixies. Thus, Queen Clarion banned her from coming near the Mother Dove.
Vidia is smart, but due to her disrespectful nature towards others, fairies love to maintain a distance with her.


Zarina is a dust-keeper who has a massive curiosity in experimenting with Pixie dust despite Fairy Gary’s disapproval. Her several experiments with pixie dust went in vain. Those experiments became successful with the presence of Blue pixie dust.

Her curiosity about blue Pixie’s endless magical properties cost her fairy position. While stealing the blue Pixie, she got Tinker Bell, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, and Vidia to stop her. They all wanted to bring the blue Pixie in its rightful place.

Zarina got Tinker Bell to assist her in the experiments. Tinker Bell helped her provide things in the process, and Zarina showed her ability. Throughout the trial, she discovered that mixing with one pixie dust with the other changes the color and develops a new power.

The wavy auburn hair, hazel eyes, and yellow dress with a brown vest provide Zarina a rebellious and pirate look. She wears wire bracelets on her wrists, and sometimes a green leaf apron labeled ‘Z’ on it. Zarina is that one fairy who left Pixie Hollow.


Tinkerbell fairies are some vibrant and compelling characters. They laugh, play pranks, take care of the people they love, and shine the atmosphere. Some of them are wicked; rebel. But their unique characteristic helped the Tinker Bell storyline to achieve the accomplishment.