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100+ Two Syllable Girl Names With Meanings

Immediate after the birth of your daughter, naming is one of the most important responsibilities you have. Numerous factors come into your mind while naming, like a thoughtful meaning, family tradition, the first letter of the name, syllables, etc. We understand and respect your feelings.

For some parents, the number of syllables provides extreme importance in case of naming their babies. Therefore, we’ve added 101 two-syllable girl names suggestions for your daughter to make your name-searching journey a little bit easy.

1. Agnes

‘Ag-nes,’ that’s how we utter this name, dividing it into two syllables. By origin, this name is a Greek word. Agnes means Pure or Sacred.

2. Alice

It is the miniature version of the Old German name Adalhaidis. Pronounced as Al-ice, Alice denotes nobility.

3. Alma

Originated from the Latin language, Alma is a prominent name among Spanish and Portuguese-spoken people. Pronounced as ‘Ahl-ma,’ this name indicates kindness and nourishment.

4. Amy

Arrived from the Latin word Amatus, Amy means beloved, dearly.

5. Anna

The origin of the name Anna is the Hebrew name, Hannah. It means gracious, kind, and beautiful.

6. Anya

The name Anya arrived from the Russian name Anna and the Hebrew name Hannah. Anya denotes favor and grace.

7. Asha

The name ‘Asha’ has several origins, e.g., Swahili, Hindi, and Sanskrit. According to the Swahili dialect, it means life, and in Sanskrit, it denotes hope.

8. Asia

Asia was Pharaoh’s wife, who adopted Prophet Musah. Asia is a highly-respected name among Muslims. By origin, it is an Arab word that means lively.

9. Aubree

It arrived in English from the Germanic name Alberich. Divide it into two syllables; we pronounce it as ‘Aw-bree,’ which means an elf ruler.

10. Ava

Ava symbolizes ‘something like a bird.’ It is a Latin-originated word and the short form of the name ‘Avis.’

11. Bella

The name ‘Bella’ originated from the Italian, Greek, and Spanish language and later entered into every English spoken country. It means beautiful.

12. Brenda

Brenda denotes both the Sword and torch. By origin, this name is a Scandinavian and feminine form of the name Brandr.

13. Cadence

Cadence signifies a rhythm or flow. It is a widely used word in poems and songs. By origin, the name ‘Cadence’ is American.

14. Camille

The origin of the name of Camille belongs to Both the French and Latin dialects. Arrived from the name Camillus, Camille means perfect.

15. Carmen

The two-syllable name Carmen is the Spanish variation of the Hebrew name Carmel. It signifies a garden.

16. Carla

The name Carla symbolizes a free woman or a lady warrior. The origin of this name is the German word ‘Kerle.’

17. Casey

‘Ca-sey,’ these two syllables create a melody while we pronounce this name. Casey is a Gaelic word that means attentive.

18. Cezanne

The Hebrew name Shoshana transformed as Cezanne. This name has several variations like Susanna, Susan, Suzanne, etc. in English spoken countries. Cezanne means cheerful.

19. Charlotte

Uttered as Char-lotte, Charlotte is the feminine variation of the masculine Charlot and Charles’s diminutive form. It is a French originated word which symbolizes a free-spirited lady.

20. Chole

Arrived from the American dialect, Chole is another variant of the name Nichole. Chole means blooming or victory.

21. Clara

It is the female version of the male name Clarus. Clara implies bright and clear.

22. Cleo

Short form of the Four-syllable name Cleopatra, Two-syllable girl name Cleo means recognition or pride.

23. Cora

According to the Greek dialect, Cora is a derivative of the word Kore. Cora denotes a female descendant.

24. Corinne

Pronounced as ‘Co-rinne,’ this name is a transformation of the Greek word Korinna. Corinne indicates a beautiful virgin lady.

25. Dana

Dana is a prominent feminine name in numerous cultures. And in every language, the meaning of ‘Dana’ is different. In Denmark, Dana represents a Danish girl. In Sanskrit, it denotes kindness, and in Hebrew, it means to judge.

26. Darlene

Pronounced as Dar-lene, Darlene is an Old English word. In ancient English, people used to utter the word Darlene to address their dear ones. Later the term has transformed into a name, which signifies a beloved little one.

27. Diane

Derived from the Latin word Diviana, Diane indicates a person who is a bringer of beneficence. Diane also means divine.

28. Dolly

It is a typical baby girl name among English-spoken countries, an American-originated word, and Dorothy’s short variation. Dolly implies ‘blessings of God.’

29. Donna

Donna is an Italian word that indicates a woman or a girl. It also means a home-ruler or the lady of the home. It is the feminine form of the masculine name Donald.

30. Doreen

Doreen means gifts or blessings. Derived from the Greek word Doron, the name is the combination of Dora and suffix -een.

31. Edna

Edna is delicacy, pleasure, and delight of mind. It is a name that symbolizes the sophistication of human nature and the mind. By origin, it is a Hebrew name.

32. Eden

According to the Bible, Eden was the First residence of Adam and eve. By origin, it is a Hebrew word. It has several meanings, e.g., heaven, pleasure, perfect, etc.

33. Elaine

The name Elaine has two syllables, e.g., E and laine. Derived from the English dialect, Elaine means light or brightness.

34. Ella

The name ‘Ella’ has a variety of meanings in diverse languages. According to the East Germanic dialect, ‘Lively,’ wherein Greece uses this name to symbolize a bright or shining one. However, this name is French-originated, where it means beautiful.

35. Ember

Ember is a French-originated name. Pronounced as Em-ber, this name denotes spark.

36. Esther

Esther is the Persian variation of the word ‘Star.’ According to the Bible, Estar was a woman who married a Persian king, later risked her life for Jews.

37. Farah

By origin, Farah is an Arabic word, and the variation of the name ‘Fareeha.’ Pronounced as Fa-rah, this name denotes happiness, joy, and cheerfulness.

38. Flora

Flora is a derivative of the Latin word ‘Floris’. Flora means flower.

39. Freida

Originated from the German dialect, Freida is an alternative to the German name Frida. It symbolizes peace and tranquility.

40. Garnet

Garnet is a crystal-type, dark red colored gemstone. In several places, it’s an old tradition among parents to name their daughter on precious gems. If you are also one of them, you may pick this two-syllable name.

41. Gilda

As an English word, Gilda means golden. But in Celtic dialect, Gilda symbolizes a worshipper of the Lord.

42. Ginny

In English, Ginny indicates purity, but in Latin, the name Ginny denotes something flourishing.

43. Heather

Heather is a Scottish shrub surrounded by beautiful pink-white flowers. Though previously Heather was a regional name, in recent days, the Heather flowers’ charisma influenced numerous parents to name their baby girl as ‘heather.’

44. Helen

A well-established name found first in Greek mythology, Helen means light.

45. Ida

Pronounced as Ee-da, Ida is a renowned name in both Scandinavian and German languages. Ida represents an Industrious lady or person.

46. Iman

Though previously, Iman used to be a popular boy’s name. But in recent times, several parents have taken this name for their daughter as well. Iman is an Arabic word that means Faith.

47. Irene

Irene is a Greek word that indicates peace. Irene was a Byzantine empress during the 8th century.

48. Iris

The name Iris represents colorful things or a rainbow. Iris is a Greek word.

49. Irma

Irma means the world. It happens with all the parents. A tiny living thing suddenly arrives, and within several days it becomes your whole world. If you want to name your baby girl on something that means the world and also sounds melodious, Irma will be an ideal choice for you.

50. Isla

Isla is the modern transformation of the Scottish word Islay and a popular name in Great Britain. It means colorful or vibrant.

51. Jamie

‘May Almighty protect’ that’s what Jamie means. It is a Scottish diminutive of the name James and Jacob.

52. Jasmine

Jasmine is a fragrant flower. From ancient times, flower names are always popular while naming girls. Till now, parents love to call their baby daughter the name of flowers. For those parents, the name Jasmine is a top pick.

53. Josie

By origin, Josie is a French word and the miniature version of the name ‘Josephine.’ This two-syllable girl name means ‘Almighty will augment.’

54. Jesse

Derived from the Hebrew name Yishay, Jesse denotes the blessings of the Lord.

55. Joanne

Pronounced as ‘Jo-anne,’ the origin of the name Joanne is the Latin name, Johanna. It means ‘Almighty is kind.’

56. Jolene

The female name of the male ‘Joseph’ which represents the meaning that ‘God will enhance.’

57. Keisha

The meaning of the name ‘Keisha’ is ‘Her life.’ It came from the Hebrew name Keziah.

58. Kelsey

In Old English, Kelsey represents a river landing place. In the Scottish language, it means brave, and in Scandinavian dialect, Kelsey symbolizes a stunning island.

59. Kiera

In the Irish dialect, Kiera means black-haired. If your daughter’s deep dark black hair manipulates you to name her as Kiera, we think she will like this melodious name in her adult days.

60. Kristen

Kristen is the Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian version of the Greek name Christian. Pronounced as Kriss-ten, Kristen represents a bright-eyed person.

61. Layla

Derived from the Arabic word ‘Leil’ or ‘Leila’, which means night, Layla means dark beauty.

62. Leslie

Leslie is a Gaelic word that signifies a holy garden. Holly is a red berry tree that also contains dark green leaves, white flowers.

63. Linda

The name ‘Linda’ belongs to the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese languages. According to the Italian Language, it means clean or pure. In Spain and Portugal, Linda means pretty.

64. Luann

Luann is a Hawaiian-originated name where people use the word Luan to signify pleasure or enjoyment.

65. Lucile

Lucile is a renowned feminine name in both Latin America and France. It means light.

66. Mabel

Mabel is a derivative of the Latin word Amabilis. It symbolizes something lovable or dear.

67. Maureen

Pronounced as ‘Mau-reen,’ Maureen indicates rebellion.

68. Maya

Maya is a Sanskrit name which means illusion. But in the Nepali language, Maya represents love and adoration.

69. Megan

Diminutive form of the name Margaret, by origin, Megan is a Welsh name. Megan means pearl.

70. Miya

‘Me-ah,’ that’s how we pronounce this two-syllable name. Originated from the Scandinavian dialect, the name Miya is also well-established in Italian and Spanish language. In Italy, Miya denotes Dear one, and in Spain, it means mine.

71. Mindy

In Germany, parents pick the name ‘Mindy’ to mean love. However, in Greece, Mindy means, honey. Wherever you belong to, you won’t regret ever by naming your daughter as Mindy.

72. Myrna

The name ‘Myrna’ or ‘Mirna’ is a Croatian word. Two-syllabic word Myrna means tender, or peaceful.

73. Nadia

Nadia means hope. By origin, this name is Slavic. So, among Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, and several countries, Nadia is a prominent name for girls.

74. Nora

Nora is a standard Anglo-Norman version of the Arabic name Noor or Noorah. Nora symbolizes light and honor.

75. Opal

Opal is a precious gemstone. Arrived from the Sanskrit name Upala, Opal means the precious one.

76. Phoebe

Pheobe, pronounced as fee-bee, is a Greek-originated name. It indicates a bright and pure one.

77. Portia

If you’re a Shakespeare fan, then you can’t forget the mighty Portia of ‘The merchant of Venice’ who saved Antonia from Shylock’s evil plan with her intelligence. If you want your daughter to have such mental strength and intelligence as her, you may name her as Portia. By the way, this name means ‘gift.’

78. Raiza

Raiza is a Hebrew name that means ‘rose.’

79. Rasia

Rasia originated from the Arab language, which means sturdy or royal. On the other hand, to Russians, Rasia means eloquent or well-spoken.

80. Renee

Derived from the Roman name Renatus and pronounced as ‘Re-nee,’ Renee indicates a person’s rebirth or soul.

81. Sadie

Pronounced as Sa-dee, Sadie is an English-originated word, which means princess.

82. Saffron

Saffron is a colorful flower also used as a spice in food. Saffron flowers bloom in autumn. As we’ve mentioned before, parents often name their children on flowers. So, if you are searching for a two syllable flower name for your infant, then Saffron is the right choice.

83. Sarah

Sarah was the wife of Prophet Ibrahim and the mother of Prophet Ismail. Sarah means a woman in high rank, princess, noble lady, etc.

84. Sasha

The word Sasha belongs to the Slavic language. The name Sasha symbolizes ‘a helper of humanity.’

85. Shannon

We pronounce this name as ‘Shan-non.’ It is an Irish word that means ‘a person who possesses wisdom.’

86. Sheila

Originated from the Irish name Sile, Latin name Celia, and Roman masculine name Caelius, Sheila means divine.

87. Shirley

It is an Old English word which means a bright grassland or countryside. Parents who want to name their girl on something colorful can take this name.

88. Sonya

Though the word is Russian by origin, as a name Sonya almost exists in every country. Sonya represents wisdom.

89. Stella

Derived from the word Stelios, Estelle, and Stylianos, the name Stella symbolizes ‘star.’

90. Susan

Susan came from the Greek Sousanna, Latin Susanna, Hebrew Shoshana into the English language. Susan symbolizes flowers like lotus, lily, or rose.

91. Tawny

Tawny is a yellow-brown color. If your daughter has gorgeous brown hair or stunning brown skin tone, and you want to celebrate her beauty with her name, then you should pick this name.

92. Tessa

Tessa is the short form of the name Theresa. By origin, Tessa is an English name which means harvester.

93. Thelma

Thelma means willpower or desire. It is the transformed variation of the Greek word Thelema.

94. Tisha

Tisha is a Hindi word but due to globalization became a well-known name in America. Tisha means joy and happiness.

95. Trina

Trina is a Gaelic name and a tiny version of the name Katrina. It indicates purity or transparency.

96. Trisha

The origin of this name is the American name, Patricia. It means noble. But, in the Hindi language, Trisha means desire or thirst.

97. Uma

Uma is a Sanskrit word with several meanings, e.g., serenity, magnificence, fame, etc.

98. Vanna

The meaning of ‘Vanna’ differs from language to language. According to Cambodians, Vanna represents the color golden. In Hebrew, it denotes ‘God’s blessings.’ In Russia and Czech, it means ‘Almighty is kind.’ In Scotland, Vanna implies youth.

99. Vera

Vera is a Latin name that signifies truth and Faith.

100. Wanda

It is a Polish name which means traveler. Wanda was a Polish princess and traveler during the 12th century.

101. Zelda

Zelda is the short form of the name Griselda which means happy.


This 2 syllable girl names list comprises some traditional names, unique names, names with profound meanings, and names representing religious beliefs. Therefore, choose the right one according to your choice and perceptions.