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Some Unique Argonian Names That You Needed

Among all the playable races of the Elder Scroll series, people of other races found Argonians the most mysterious due to their mismatched characteristics with other races. Argonians are the natives of Black Marsh, a large and marshy territory of Tamriel.

Due to the obscurity to enter into the remote Black Marsh, other races don’t get the chance to be friends with Argonians and sometimes generate a misleading image about them. Let’s forget about the others. While playing as an Argonian; you can’t raise the bar without having the proper knowledge about them.

The following are some interesting facts about Argonians you won’t find among the other races of the Elder Scroll series.

The Birth Mystery of Argonians:

Argonians hatch from eggs. The hatchlings of Argonians need the sap of the hist trees. Thus, when it’s time, Argonian mothers lay their eggs in the clutches residing near Hist trees.

The fluids of Hist trees are so significant to build up an Argonian’s physiology. So, Argonians hold enormous respect for that specific tree. They believe that the sap of Hist trees also develops their souls. The nature of the connection between Hist and Argonians also affects their psychology. Even going so far, the telepathic communication between the Hist and the Argonians continues. When an Argonian dies, his soul moves back to the Hist tree and remains there until another hatchling drinks that sap of the Hist. Thus, years after years, the Hist is giving Argonians a soul, and the cycle repeats over and over again.

Hist or sentient trees once grew in the entire world but now became the province-legacy of Black Marsh. Thus, Argonians brought up in regions without Hist trees such as Skyrim, Morrowind, or Cyrodiil lack some characteristics that Argonians possess.

It’s Impossible to Triumph Over the Entire Black Marsh!

Black Marsh or Argonia is a swampland rainforest. It is a province filled with water and muddy ways. Thus, except for the native of this province, this place is a bit harsh for people of other lands. Because of this, Argonians get an undue advantage whenever foreigners attack; though they’ve lost several wars, the Black Marsh never went to a foreign power entirely. Even the Dragonborn emperor Tiber Septim who was famous for conquering provinces to set the foundation for the Third Empire didn’t order to enter his armies into the depths of the deepest Black Marsh. Instead, he settled after surmounting the outer edges.

Superiority Over the Oblivion!

Due to militarily incompetence, Argonians often allow the slavery of other races — especially the Dunmers. But during the Oblivion Crisis, they proved their competency under the banner of the An-Xileel faction. The Argonians opposed Daedra, the entity that occupies the kingdom of Oblivion. When Daedra dared to enter into the Black Marsh illegitimately, Argonians led a successful raid into Oblivion as an act of revenge. Entirely outmatched by the Argonians’ ferocity, Daedra closed the Oblivion gates in Black Marsh to protect themselves.

After that incident, Oblivion never underestimated Argonians’ power and attempted to suppress them.

The Exceptional Jewelers of Argonians!

While playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in Riften, players will find Madesi, an Argonian jeweler. His jewels contain traditional Argonian craftsmanship, and every piece of them is a unique one. Talen-Jei, another Argonian in Skyrim, helps Madhesi in this.

Names of Argonian:

Argonian names appear in three different types: Single word names, hyphenated names, and Cyrodilic names. While naming, some Argonians have serious caution towards the masculinity and femininity of their name. But numerous Argonians don’t care about gender; especially, the maximum of the Cyrodilic name they keep is suitable for both the sexes.

While playing as Argonian, if you search for some unique names, here are some name suggestions.

Masculine Names

1. Antigonkeethus Taiersifon
2. Asum
3. Asumwor Perseus
4. Augustine Pethees
5. Bun-Lan Memuseeth
6. Bun – Tulm Tibersareeth
7. Bushara Magison
8. Chikus Canilures
9. Dan-Tan Theomarush
10. Dar – Jee
11. Effe-Eius Androdorus
12. Elniar Xeirdesh
13. Er-Kajin Tikeerdeseer
14. Geel
15. Gulum-Jush Thefinaresh
16. Haraara Caleeseus
17. Hars’r Augeescles
18. Ineewor Tikeersion
19. Ja – Reet
20. Jaree-La Tiberdesh
21. Jeela
22. Jeeltul Endoregulus
23. Jee – Ju Nefecles
24. Jeelus – Ru Xeirdesh
25. Julish Casdeseer
26. Luteema
27. Meer
28. Meerlureel Tikeersareeth
29. Milwish Calidesh
30. Motuu
31. Mush –Mere
32. Mush – Malz Perimarush
33. Nerandros Caythees
34. Oleen – Ja – Taiersar
35. Oleed –Mere Andreemean
36. Tim – Jush
37. Tslkus Caymarush
38. Pad-Gei Melures
39. Piltul Pehrsifon
40. Rasula Geeldaresh
41. Ree – Kia
42. Skeeeya Nilures
43. Sheerius Niteus
44. Siskeethus Calidorees
45. Tanaka
46. Tan –Skee
47. Tslkus Caymarush
48. Ulas’r Pergalus
49. Usheepa Galrean
50. Veezish Cassesh
51. Weernaava Nagseus
Feminine Names
1. Ahatalg Canimesh
2. An –Jeen
3. Beekalg Xeirclesh
4. Beelsha Galmarush
5. Beeuma Lafsareth
6. Beewhaz Naggoulus
7. Bour-Reiki Perilures
8. Deeka
9. Deethee Andreesesh
10. Drujuma Caymarush
11. En-Reij Taierseene
12. Ereel-Lirzee Thefirean
13. Ereej-Lak Mereessius
14. Euteatan Caymarush
15. Gish
16. Hal-Jazee Caesar
17. Jeed-Mena Galgalus
18. Kal-Sakee Andreedes
19. Kahl-Ja Calisareth
20. Kasha Augeesclesh
21. Keeraree Pehrsifon
22. Keerila Calidorus
23. Keel-Wazei Augussesh
24. Kudo-Meeus Xeirmesh
25. Marzsha Nagsesh
26. Mereen-Lak Agiusseus
27. Mez-Raneer Pehrtus
28. Milah
29. Milja Galnes
30. Naksh Xerssius
31. Nakueen Agiusmesh
32. Nakuh’r Casdesh
33. Nam-Jazee Caleesilus
34. Nowa
35. Ocheuma Careedaresh
36. Okurhee Androdaresh
37. Olink-Meik Peseus
38. On-Jeen Nefemean
39. Onaleez Lafrean
40. Pasheedutsee Pehrseene
41. Pashja Careenaresh
42. Reesa
43. Seed-Meseif Cadorees
44. Shaltalg Endoreseus
45. Shatuna
46. Skalja Nissius
47. Shalha Nisifon
48. Tashei Taiermesh
49. Tereen-Lee Caedorus
50. Wareem
51. Wedum-Raniur Careemareen
52. Witsrava Calisar

Unisex Names (Cyrodillic)

1. Alexian
2. Alexides
3. An-Jeen
4. Asska
5. Basks-in-the-Sun
6. Claudian
7. Claudios
8. Claudula
9. Deeja
10. Diocletula
11. Dreams – of – Sleep
12. Dusk -Scale
13. Far – From – Water
14. Forest – Child
15. Germanius
16. Has – No -Regrets
17. Herandros
18. Hererius
19. Herides
20. Hides-His/Her-Foot
21. Iron – Claws
22. Julios
23. Luteema
24. Nerate
25. Nerides
26. Neros
27. Nerus
28. Pilandros
29. Pilides
30. Pilian
31. Pilula
32. Sakeepa
33. Sees-All-Colours
34. Sleeps –With – Open – Eyes
35. Stands – In – Shallows
36. Strong – Voice
37. Tibandro
38. Tiberius
39. Tibius
40. Wareem

Numerous Argonians tend to take their Cyrodilic name. Others love the gender-based name. As an Argonian player, you have the total freedom to choose the name that will motivate you to give your best and to shine in this character-based game playing.