Cuban names for boy

Some Trendy Cuban Boy Names With Meanings

Due to Spanish colonization for more than 400 years, the Spanish traditions, norms, and customs had mixed too much into Cuban civilization that sometimes, it isn’t easy to distinguish both cultures. But though they are Spanish spoken, Cubans have different naming traditions than that of Spain.

Though the languages are almost the same, Cuban people always choose names that provide virtuous or religious meaning. Even in modern days, while stylish and unique names are what everyone searches for, Cubans never compromise with a meaningful name.

Therefore, with some stylish yet impactful Cuban boy name suggestions for your son, we hope to make both you and your future generation happy and proud.

Cute Cuban Boy Names to Consider (With Meanings)

1. Aiden

The name Aiden originated from the Gaelic word ‘Aodh’, which means fire and ‘an’ in the last is an Irish suffix. Aiden indicates light. The alternative spellings are Aidan, Aedan, Aydin, and all symbolize the same meaning.

2. Alan

Alan is a Celtic word which implies a handsome man. Alan was an attractive saint in Celtic mythology.

3. Alejandro

Alejandro means human-protector which derived from the Greek word Alexander. The popular variation of the name is Alex, Alejandra, Alexandra and all signify the same purpose.

4. Alfredo

Alfredo shares the Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish origins, but now is a popular name and word in English. Alfredo implies a wise person.

5. Alfonso

Spanish form of Germanic name Ildefonso that means noble and ready. Alfonso implies the characteristic of a person who is always available for doing some noble or dignified work.

6. Alonzo

Alonzo shares both the Italian and Spanish origin. Alonzo is a noble and attractive person. Alonzo symbolizes both the outer and inner beauty of a person.

7. Ammar

Derived from the Arabic word Ammar signifies a pious or religious person. Ammar is also a man who became immortal with his good deeds and piety even after his death.

8. Amir

Though Cubans are Spanish spoken, there is a massive influence of the Arabic language in the Muslim community. Amir is a famous Cuban Muslim name that signifies a leader or a rich person.

9. Apollo

Apollo indicates a man’s beauty. It is a Greek originated name, in ancient Greece, Apollo was the deity of medicine.

10. Aramis

According to the French dialect, Aramis is an ambitious person. He is religious, and his ambition is to modify the world with those spiritual perceptions.

11. Asher

Asher was Jacob’s son and the ancestor of the famous twelve tribes in Israel. It is a Hebrew word, and the meaning is blessed.

12. Bastien

Bastien signifies a respected person. It is a French word that arrived from the name Sebastian. The citizens of ancient city Sebaste were Sebastian.

13. Benigno

Benigno is a Spanish word that originated from the Latin word Benignus. It denotes a generous person and a person who got a rich lineage by birth.

14. Bonafede

Bonafede means good faith. It is a Spanish masculine name. People with this name often bear a nickname fede, which denotes trust.

15. Bronson

Bronson is a Spanish first name that is pronounced as Brahn-sun. It indicates ‘ heir or offspring of a brown–skinned or brown-haired person.’

16. Carlos

It is the Spanish form of the Germanic name Karl and Old English word Ceorl. Carlos symbolizes a free-spirited, liberated man.

17. Casimiro

As a Spanish first name Casimiro indicates a peace bringer. Brazilian poet Casimiro De Abreu was the well established author of this name.

18. Cesaro

Cesaro represents a long-haired person. It came into the Spanish naming tradition from the Roman family name ‘Ceasear’.

19. Chequelo

Ezekiel is A Hebrew word that indicates God supports or God makes things easy. The variation of Ezekiel has many, to Spanish spoken people, it turned into Chequelo, the title on which many parents love to name their son.

20. Cordovan

In the 7th century, Cordoba was a city in Spain renowned for leather production. The people of Cordoba used to do leather business and address each other as Cordovan. In the modern world, as a name Cordovan represents the golden history of Cordova.

21. Domingo

Arrived from the Latin word Dominicus, Spanish male name Domingo means ‘of the God’. Domingo was a popular name in Caribbean culture and entered into Spanish tradition due to the Spanish colonization in the Dominican Republic.

22. Edgardo

Spanish name Edgardo and English name Edgard share the same origin. Edgardo means a man with a spear. It represents the hunting tradition among wealthy, powerful men.

23. Edmundo

‘Edmundo’ symbolizes a person who is strict towards his goal and ambition, hard-working, and physically active. The meaning of Edmundo is prosperous.

24. Eduardo

Eduardo is the Spanish variation of the English name Edward. Edward was a famous King and the son of Great warrior Alfred. Eduardo means an affluent protector or custodian.

25. Enesenico

The Spanish transformation of the English word innocent is Enesenico. It means pure, honest, and harmless. This name can be a perfect initiative to nurture some positive characteristics within your son through his name.

26. Erasino

Often parents name their daughter with the word that means affectionate, lovable, which is rare while naming a male child. But sons are loveable too. If you want to change the culture by calling your son representing these types of meaning, Erasino is the one. It means beloved.

27. Erasmo

Erasmo is another male name that signifies love and affection. The Spanish word Erasmo means loved. It will always remind your son how much adoring he is to his parents.

28. Esteban

Esteban means crown. The crown symbolizes victory and authority. In Cuba, people love power and these kinds of names. If you are one of them and want to see your child become a powerful one in the future, an authoritative name can be your first initiative.

29. Ernesto

Spanish cognate of the English word Earnest, Ernesto means sincere. Parents often love to name their children on a positive human characteristic. If you’re one of them, Ernesto can be the initial way to grow sincerity within your child at a young age.

30. Eugenio

The origin of this name is the Greek word Eugene that implies noble. The Spanish and Portuguese male name Eugenio represents high status or a wellborn person.

31. Farucco

Farucco signifies a person who easily differentiates the right and wrong, a person whose judgments are ideal. The origin of this male name is an Arabic word Farook. Farook was the title of Arab Khalifa Umar.

32. Fausto

Came from the Latin Faustus Spanish masculine name Fausto means Fortunate, which derived from the word favor. Though Cuban people are Spanish spoken, this Italian name is quite famous in their society.

33. Francisco

Though Francisco points out a French man, surprisingly as a name, it is more accessible to Spanish-spoken than French. In the Spanish dialect, Francis symbolizes a free man.

34. Felipe

In ancient Greek the title Philippos used to denote horse lovers, people who used to take care of horses. The moderate version of Philippos is Philip or Felipe. In Spanish spoken countries, Felipe is a renowned name parents choose for their child.

35. Fuentes

Fuentes is a renowned name for Spanish spoken males; it means fountain. Several famous personalities like Alejandra Fuentes, Augustine Fuentes made this first name a well established one.

36. Gonzalo

Spanish name Gonzalo derived from the Visigothic name Gundisalv. Gonzalo means a combatant or a Battle genius. Gonzalo Pizarro was a famous Spanish explorer in the 16th century.

37. Guillermo

Guillermo means protection, arriving from the Norman French name Willaume or German Willehelm. In German Willehelm, Will means determination and helm implies protection.

38. Gutierre

Gutierre is the Spanish version of German name Walter. Gutierre means he who rules, it also represents a true leader or ruler.

39. Gustavo

Ancient Swedish natives used to address their monarchs as ‘Gustav Vasa’. The Spanish name Gustavo is the moderated form of Gustav.

40. Herminio

The origin of this name is German, but it’s Portuguese variation Herminus is more popular. The Spanish muscular name Herminio means a soldier.

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41. Hernando

Hernando is the Spanish form of the name Ferdinand. It means to be brave. Herediano Cortes was a Spanish conqueror in the 16th century and well proved the meaning of his name.

42. Hexiquio

The origin of this word in Hebrew ‘Hexiquio’ means God strengthens. As a name, it is spiritual and motivational. Whenever problems surround your child, his name will always indicate that God is near and there for his help.

43. Homerico

The masculine name Homerico symbolizes security. It is of Greek origin, and the name itself represents bold masculinity.

44. Huberto

Derived from the German language Huberto came into Spanish and became a popular masculine name. Huberto implies intelligence and brightness.

45. Hugues

Another word that explains intelligence. By origin, this name is from French word Hugo which involves mind, soul, or spirit. Hugues is a person who is an intelligent soul, always shows intelligence in his every perception and doing.

46. Ignacio

Originated from the Roman surname Egnatius, Ignacio means fire or born of fire.

47. Inigo

Inigo means my little love. Mom often loves to address their cute baby boys with these types of cuddling nicknames. By origin, Inigo is of Basque, and there, it means fiery.

48. Isra

Isra is of Arabic origin and means the journey at night. It is a holy name among the Cuban Muslim community as It represents the night Journey of their Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to heaven.

49. Istavian

Coming from the Hungarian word, it became popular among Spanish spoken Cubans. This Spanish male name means ‘Crown’ or indicates a person who gained victory.

50. Jacinto

Jacinto is the Portuguese and Spanish word to address a Hyacinth flower. In Cuba, Jacinto is a male first name. The Nobel Laureate Jacinto Martinez made this name renowned.

51. Jadiel

The name Jadiel came into Spanish tradition from the Hebrew word Yehudiel. Jadiel symbolizes a judge.

52. Jafet

The origin of ‘Jafet’ is the Hebrew word Yafet/ Yafet means augmented. Yafet was a person who expanded everything with personal efforts.

53. Jair

Originated from the Hebrew dialect Jair means he who shines. Jair is also the transformed version of the Arabic name ‘Jahir’.

54. Javier

The Spanish form of the Hebrew name Xavier and Arabic name Jabir. Javier denotes a castle.

55. Jeremias

The origin of this name is Hebrew; in the Bible, Jeremias was an immense pious man who achieved a special place to his lord. In modern days, Jeremias symbolizes a person who is dear and precious to God.

56. Joaquin

The Spanish name Joaquin arrived from the Hebrew male name Yehoyaqim. Yehoyaqim was a monarch in the ancient Judah state.

57. Josue

Spanish version of the name Joshua signifies a person whose lifeline is his God. A person who revolves around his life and surroundings only to please God is Josue.

58. Juan

Juan means God is gracious. It arrived in the Spanish language from the Hebrew name Yohanan.

59. Julio

Pronounced as Hoo-lee-oh, Julio means youthful. It came from the Latin word Julius. Julio is a meaningful yet uncommon title as a name. Therefore, parents searching for unique names can pick it.

60. Lazaro

Derived from the Italian variation Lazarus or Elezar, Lazaro came into Spanish spoken Cuban culture. Lazaro means the lord is my strength or helper.

61. Lucio

Lucio symbolizes light. It is of Italian origin and contains several variations in Portuguese and German language. Names like Lucius, Lucas, Luke are of the same background and indicate ‘light’.

62. Leonardo

It means ‘fearless lion’. Because of the name of the two famous people (Leonardo D’caprio & Leonardo Da Vinci) of the world, Leonardo’s name has that much acceptance and popularity.

63. Luis

The Spanish name Luis has a secure connection with the word Louis. Luis indicates a renowned, skilled warrior.

64. Marcello

Marcellus was an inhabitant of Mars who came to the earth. His war skill made the God of war draw him from Mars to the earth’s surface. From Marcellus, the Spanish name Marcello derived, it denotes a young warrior.

65. Marcos

Originated from the Latin name Marcus, many people assume that Marcos is a name derived from Mars. It was the name of the ancient Roman God of war. But the meaning of Marcos is soft or kindhearted.

66. Mariano

The Spanish variation of the Roman word Marianus, Mariano, is the masculine form of the feminine Marianna. Mariano means warlike.

67. Mateo

Mateo came into the Spanish language from the Hebrew origin, Matisyahu. Here, matt means gift, and Yahu indicates Hebrew God. Thus, Mateo or Mattiyahu shows blessings from God.

68. Mathios

Masculine name Mathios has a connection with Hebrew name Mattithyahu. Both the words mean ‘God’s blessing’. Due to its precious meaning, this name has different popularity in the Cuban religious community.

69. Mauricio

Coming from the Roman word Mauritius, Mauricio symbolizes a dark-skinned person.

70. Maximiliano

The Spanish word Maximiliano means the greatest. Maximiliano indicates a person who achieved both luxury and humane qualities.

71. Miguel

Miguel came from the Hebrew name Michael. Michael is one of the closest to God and sincerely follows any order God provides.

72. Nardo

Nardo means strong and brave. In southern Italy, there is a city named ‘nardo’. The ancient citizens of Nardo were muscular and courageous.

73. Nicandro

Nicandro symbolizes victory or a person who achieved success. It is a masculine name, and by origin, belongs to the Greek language.

74. Oliviero

Oliviero means Olive, and it is the Spanish cognate of the Italian name Oliver and Latin name Olivarius or Olivo. Oliver was a great Italian saint.

75. Onofre

‘Onofre’ is a male Spanish name, also familiar in Catalan, Mexican, and German dialects. Onofre means peace warrior or peace bringer.

76. Ortega

Ortega means nettle, and nettle is a herbaceous plant. Ortega is a famous masculine name among Cuban people. The variations of Ortega are Urtica, Ortegal, Ortega, and so on.

77. Osmundo

The Spanish name ‘Osmundo’ derived from the North Germanic name Asmundr or Osmundr. Osmudo signifies a custodian and a protector.

78. Otilio

Otilio is a German name that means wealth. During the mix of European culture, this name entered into the Spanish spoken countries and remained there till now.

79. Paciano

Paciano means peace or tranquility of the heart. As a male name, Paciano is stylish and meaningful, and your boy will love this trendy one even after years.

80. Pedro

Pedro means rock, the Spanish expression of the Galician name Peter and Latin word Petra. Often Pedro implies a stone-strong body.

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81. Placido

The name Placido is simultaneously the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese version of the Latin word Placidus. All the words denote peace.

82. Ponce

Juan Ponce was a Spanish conquistador in the 16th century. In European culture, all the conquistadors of the 16th century are role models; thus, their names are still on-trend. The Spanish male name Ponce means the ocean.

83. Quico

In Cuba, Quico means ‘boy’. It is a Spanish word and a familiar male name among Spanish spoken countries.

84. Quiel

Among Spanish spoken, Quiel means ‘God strengthens’, or ‘God Blesses’, or ‘God gives’. This name itself produces encouragement whenever you feel unmotivated or distracted.

85. Quintero

Quintero means fifth. It is a habitational name, related to the place Quintero.

86. Rainald

In ancient North German, natives used to address the ruler’s counselor as Reinhold. The Spanish variation of Reinhold is Rainald.

87. Ricardo

The origin of the Spanish name Ricardo is French Richardo. They both signify a fearless, influential person.

88. Rogelio

The masculine name Rogelio is the Spanish variation of the name Roger. Rogelio was a famous warrior in ancient European history.

89. Rodrigo

Spanish cognate of the Germanic name Hrodric, where Hrod indicates fame and Ric denotes power. Rodrigo implies a famous leader or a renowned monarch.

90. Salvador

Salvador means savior. In the Bible, Salvador was the title of Messiah. It is a well-known name among Christian and Spanish, Catalan spoken people.

91. Sergio

Sergius was an ancient Roman tribe. In the modern Spanish dialect, people introduce them as Sergio. Sergio means combatants.

92. Segundo

Segundo means ‘second’. If you’re searching a name for your second son according to his birth order, then you may choose ‘Segundo’.

93. Sisco

Sisco implies a clever or quick mind. As a person, Sisco represents an intelligent, swift individual. It is of Spanish origin.

94. Tadeo

The name Tadeo means to praise, honor, and the Spanish form of the Biblical word Thaddeus. In the Bible, Thaddeus was a courageous and noble-hearted person.

95. Ulises

The modern form of the Mythological name Ulysses. Ulysses was the heroic protagonist of Homer’s epic Odyssey.

96. Valentin

Valentin is the Spanish version of the Italian ‘Valentino’, French ‘Valentine’ and Latin word Valentinus. The origin of this name is Roman nickname Vales that denotes strength.

97. Vicente

Spanish ‘Vicente’ symbolizes winning or conquering. French variations Vincent and Latin name Vincere are quite famous, while Vicente still needs to flourish among Spanish-spoken.

98. Wilfrido

Wilfrido means longing for peace. Derived from the Old English Welfrith, where Will means desire or wish, and frith means peace.

99. Xabat

Xabat arrived in the Spanish language from the Basque word Kahbaet. It indicates a saviour.

100. Ynocencio

Another Spanish male name that represents innocence and purity. It is a Latin derived word and ideal for those who want a good name for their baby son.

101. Zergio

Zergio denotes a soldier or a warrior. In ancient Rome, the Sergius tribe was a tribe of brave soldiers who fought for their people. The Spanish name Zergio is a modern form of Italian word Sergius or Sergio.

102. Zoilo

Zoilo is the Spanish variation of a Greek word and Masculine form of the feminine name ‘Zoe’. Zoilo means life.


Choosing a Cuban boy names for your infant is quite a tricky responsibility. Several thoughts arise in mind. We always want to help you in need and make your complicated task a little bit uncomplicated. We hope that our endeavors will ease your complications and make the memory of naming your children, a cherished one.