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100+ Cuban Girl Names With Meanings

Finding the right Cuban girl names for your newborn is one challenging responsibility of parenthood. If you are Cuban parents then, obviously Spanish is your first language. But Latin words have a massive influence over your naming tradition.

We are here to help your parenthood duties a little bit easy by providing 101 naming suggestions with influential meaning. We urge you to note the meaning and histories of these names, as a proper name will play a significant role in your baby’s forthcoming life.

Pretty Cuban Girl Names to Consider (With Meanings)

1. Aarah

Aarah means I will see God; a devotee lady who is eager to meet God is an Aarah. Arrived from Hebrew origin, Aarah represents piety.

2. Abertha

The word Abertha means sacrifice. But as a name, Abertha connotes brilliance and nobility. Parents who signify honesty and nobility, this can be an ideal name for their baby girl.

3. Acacia

Cuban parents who adore plants and nature can take Acacia as their new born’s name. In Greece Acacia symbolizes any thorny tree.

4. Adelgonda

Arrived from the German word ‘Adalgund’ and transferred into Adelgondo and entered into Cuban tradition. Adelgonda means a dignified battle warrior.

5. Agatha

Agatha is the female conversion of ‘Agathos.’ It means superior. This name became prominent among Christians since the time of Christian martyr St. Agatha.

6. Alegria

The Spanish word ‘Alegria’ symbolizes delight, happiness. Your newborn enlightens your day. If you want to seal the fact by giving her a name like that, pick it.

7. Alejandra

Though Mexican Actress Alejandra Avalos made this name a common thing, the meaning of the name itself has a huge reason to have high demand among people. Alejandra means the protector of humanity. It is the feminine form of the name Alexandra.

8. Aletha

Aletha symbolizes truth or a truthful person. Aletha, pronounced as Al-ee-tha was the Greek goddess of truth.

9. Alicia

Alicia denotes nobility or a righteous woman. It is the female form of the masculine name Alice that originated from the name Adelaide.

10. Amelia

Amelia shares an origin with the English word Amalia, and German word Amal. Amelia connotes a hard-working, diligent lady.

11. Analena

Analena is a name that represents grace and a gracious lady. It is a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew name ‘Ana.’

12. Andrea

Andrea is the feminine form of the masculine name Andrew and Andre. Andrea symbolizes a courageous and fearless lady.

13. Antonia

Antonious was a prestigious family in ancient Rome. The people used to call the women of the family Antonia. Antonia means precious.

14. Aria

In Italy, Aria means air, but in Albania, it is a treasure. In Albanian tradition, they address a high valued or highly respected woman as Aria.

15. Arsenia

The name Arsenia is popular among both the Spanish and Greek dialects. It is the female version of the male name Arsenio.

16. Athena

Athena was the deity of wisdom in Greek mythology. In modern Greece, people address an intelligent lady as Athena.

17. Ava

Ava is a Latin word which conveys a bird. In Hebrew, it denotes life. Ava is the mini version of the name Avis.

18. Balara

Latin word Balara denotes strength. If you want to grow your child as a strong woman, this name can be your first initiative.

19. Baldomera

In Slavic language, Baldomera represents a generous and great empress. This name denotes an excellent leadership quality, thus worthy of becoming your daughter’s name.

20. Beatriz

In Cuba, Beatriz symbolizes a girl who brings joy and happiness to her surroundings. Because of the significant meaning, this first name is popular among Spain, England, Portugal, and even Itali.

21. Befle

As a Latin name Befle indicates an attractive and loving woman. Another meaning of Befle is a fair complexion. Therefore, if your kiddo’s characteristic resembles this title, you should choose Befle as her name.

22. Bella

It is a popular name in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek dialect. In all languages, Bella means beautiful.

23. Belle

The name Belle and Bella share the same origin. By origin, Belle is a French word that means beauty with the brain. The beautiful girl with intelligence and wisdom is a Belle.

24. Belarmina

Belarmina symbolizes beautiful armor. In ancient Spain, Belarmina was an esteemed title of brave women and lady warriors.

25. Benecia

The meaning of Benecia is the blessed one. By origin, it is Spanish and derived from the masculine word Benecio.

26. Benita

The feminine word of Benito, Benita means blessed. It is an Italian origin word. Therefore, parents who want to name their daughter on something sacred can choose this name.

27. Blanca

If those cute hands, feet, and facial structure of your baby girl remind you of a shining doll, name her ‘Blanca.’ Derived from the Italian language, it means white and shining.

28. Cailida

It is a popular Spanish name that means affectionate. The other variations of this name are Callidorah, Kalida, Calida. All of them share the same meaning.

29. Canisa

Canisa means dearly. Kids are always special to their parents, but a daughter is always dad’s dearest one. To name your girl as beloved, you can name her as Canisa.

30. Caritas

Caritas is a Latin woman who believed in giving and charity. Thus, Caritas became the word to denote charity as well as to symbolize a generous woman.

31. Carmen

Carmen arrived from the Hebrew word Karmel that signifies a Garden. The other basis of this name is the Latin word ‘Carmen’ and the English word Charm. In the Latin language, Carmen means a poem.

32. Calliope

The word Calliope represents a beautiful voice. In Greek mythology, Calliope was a mighty woman who had a vast interest and skill in song, art, and poetry.

33. Carys

Carys means a beloved one or a person who deserves immense love and care. In Welsh vocabulary, Carys is the synonym of something precious.

34. Casey

Came from Gaelic mythology, Casey has several meanings. Casey connotes a vigilant and careful lady. The other meaning of Casey is an admirable and brave woman.

35. Charo

Charo is the Spanish word for rosary flower. Parents who search for a flower-based name Charo can be an ideal for them.

36. Charlotte

Charlotte symbolizes a free woman. It is French originated and feminine form of the name ‘Charlie.’

37. Clarita

Clarita denotes transparency of face and heart. In Spain, Clarita also connotes a pure heart.

38. Dalila

The name Dalila came from the beautiful Biblical women ‘Delilah’. In Hebrew, it means delicate.

39. Damaris

Originated from the Greek Language, Damaris means gentle. In the Bible, Damaris was a pious woman who converted to Christianity by the influence of St. Paul.

40. Daniela

The female version of the male name Daniel, Daniela means God is my jurist. Due to its profound meaning, this name has proper recognition among Christian culture.

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41. Daphne

According to Greek mythology, a water insect Daphne turned into a laurel tree to escape from Apollo. In the modern era, the people of Greece address a Laurel tree as Daphne.

42. Daria

The female version of Darius, Daria, was a devotee woman. In the present world, a lady who always does good deeds is Daria. The Persian meaning of Daria is the sea or a big-hearted person.

43. Dominga

Dominga means born on Sunday. If your daughter is born on Sunday, you can pick this name.

44. Elena

Elena is the Spanish and Italian version of the name European name ‘Helen’. Elena signifies an intelligent, bright soul.

45. Emma

Emma is the modern form of the Germanic word Ermen. Ermen means universal or entire. After the birth of a child, those tiny humans become the whole world of their parents. Thus, Emma became a popular name in Cuban culture.

46. Estefania

Children are always precious to their parents. In the case of baby girls, maximum of them love to name them beautiful things. Estefania is such a kind of word. This Spanish word symbolizes a crown.

47. Evita

Evita means the existing one. It derived from the name ‘Eve’, the first woman of this world and the first man Adam’s wife.

48. Ezmeralda

The Spanish word of the emerald gemstone is Ezmeralda. It is a renowned female name. Parents often name their daughter ‘Ezmeralda’ as they are precious to them as a precious stone.

49. Galen

The origin of the word Galen is the Greek word Galenus and Galene. It means calm, Galen was a Physician in ancient Greece whose medical research still helped doctors in medical studies.

50. Georgina

The female version of the name ‘George’, Georgina denotes a lady farmer. In ancient Greece, Georgina or lady farmers were very prestigious among various ethnic groups.

51. Gleda

Gleda signifies a cheerful, happy girl. In Spanish mythology, a happy baby girl or a cheerful lady is a Gleda.

52. Glinda

Glinda means pretty and kind. It represents the fairness of face and heart. Glinda is a popularly used word in Welsh song and poetry to introduce women beauty.

53. Harper

Harp is a musical instrument with parallel strings. The person who loves to play the harp or do that for a living is a Harper. But as a name, Harper indicates a person who is devoted towards music and musical instruments.

54. Havana

The word heaven is the origin of the Cuban female name Havana. Even the beauty of the Capital of Cuba once forced its citizens to name it as Havana in 1592.

55. Irene

Irene is the modern form of the Greek word ‘Eirene’ that means peace. Irene was the name of several saints in ancient history. The name of the Byzantine Monarch in the 18th century was also Irene.

56. Itxaro

The Spanish name Itxaro means hope.

57. Ivelise

Cuban people use the word Ivelisse to denote beautiful or lovely girls. The word derived from Puerto Rican origin to Cuban tradition.

58. Jadzia

Jadzia was a brave warrior of ancient Poland. After her bravery towards her people and nation, the name Jadzia became famous and the word often used to denote brave lady warriors.

59. Jaquinda

It means beautiful. The name Jaquinda represents the beauty of attractive women.

60. Layla

In the Arabic language, Layla or Layl means ‘night’. Layla was the main female protagonist in Arabic folklore, Qays and Layla.

61. Karmina

Karmina denotes something beautiful. It indicates a beautiful song or an attractive orchard.

62. Lucia

Lucia or Lucy symbolizes light. Though Lucia or Lucy is a common female name in European culture, its divine meaning never ends the demand.

63. Lur

Lur is the Spanish word of earth. Offspring is earth to their parents. Often they want to name their children something that symbolizes earth.

64. Maritza

Martiza is an Arabic word that means blessed. In Spain, the wordy meaning of Maritza is the sea. Muslim parents name their child Martiza for the first meaning, where the Christian parents choose for the later.

65. Manuela

It is a derivation from the Masculine word “Manuel’ and Hebrew ‘Emanuel’. By origin, Manuela is Spanish and Portuguese, which means ‘Almighty is with us’.

66. Mariposa

Mariposa is a Spanish word for butterfly. Butterflies are bright and a symbol of beauty. Thus, Mariposa is a symbolic name for parents who think that their daughter added worth in their life.

67. Matilde

Matilde means strong in battle. It is the English transformation of the German name Mahthildis where Maht implies mighty or power, and Hild means battle or fight.

68. Mia

Mia shares the same origin as the Slavic word Mila. Where Mila means darling, Mia denotes something so dear and near to heart.

69. Novia

Novia is a Spanish word for addressing a beloved. The other word of Novia is Nova. Both of these words can be appropriate for your dearly loved daughter.

70. Orquidea

Orquidea is an orchid flower. Spanish orchids are prominent for their uniqueness and beauty. Thus, if you want to symbolize your girl’s beauty and uniqueness by their name, you may choose it.

71. Osanna

It arrived from the Hebrew word Hosanna that means praise.

72. Pabla

Pabla means little. It is one most used nickname Cuban parents use to call their toddlers. But there is nothing wrong with taking it as a formal name which will stay with your daughter forever.

73. Patricia

The Latin word Patrician is the origin of the name ‘Patricia’. It is the feminine form of the name Patrick and both means Noble or superior.

74. Quintessa

Quintessa came from the word Quintessence that means soul or heart.

75. Ramira

In Spanish methodology, the lady Ramira was a conveyor of wisdom. It is a Spanish word and a unique name for your daughter.

76. Rhody

The origin of the English word rose came from the word Rhody. Both the Greek and Latin dialect, Rhody identifies rose.

77. Rosalyn

Rosalyn is a little rose generated in Europe. According to the beauty of Rosalyn flower, Spanish spoken people often name their child as Rosalyn.

78. Sara

Originated from the Hebrew name ‘Sarah’ that indicates a princess or a noblewoman. Sara is a popular name among languages like Urdu, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish and so on.

79. Scarlett

Scarlett is a red pigment that signifies courage and passion. The English originated name Scarlett denotes both the joy and warmth.

80. Secundila

It’s a popular tradition in Cuba to rank their daughter according to their birth order. Secundila is the perfect choice for those who want to follow that tradition. It means the second daughter.

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81. Seleste

The Latin word ‘Seleste’ means heavenly.

82. Sofia

Roman saint lady Sophia was well-known for his charity, wisdom, and faith. Sofia is the modern transformation of the name Sophia that means wisdom.

83. Solana

Solana is a Latin word but mostly used in Spanish spoken areas. It means brightness or sunshine.

84. Tranquila

Tranquila or tranquil is the Spanish word for denoting calm. The name Tranquila will always remind your princess to follow calmness no matter whatever the situation is.

85. Umbelina

It originated from the Latin word Umbra or Umbrella and English word umbrella. Where an umbrella gives us protection from the rain, Umbelina is a woman who always saves her surroundings by serving her protective and caring shadow.

86. Ursula

Ursula symbolizes a cute little bear. It came from the Latin word Ursa that means a female bear. In the 4th century, there was a brave martyred princess named Ursula.

87. Veredigna

In the Latin language, a dignified or a prestigious woman is a Veredigna.

88. Vernisha

Vernisha is a victory bringer or spreader. It is the transmutation of the Latin word Verna. Verna was an ancient lady warrior who brought notable triumph in her clan.

89. Winifred
Winifred signifies peace, delight and joy. In England, a peaceful, calm, happy lady is a Winifred. Winifred was a martyred princess of Welsh who was the perceiver of all these meanings the name represents.

90. Ximena

Ximena is one of the most famous names among the Spanish speaking nations. It means ‘the lady who always hears or reciprocates’. It is the feminine version of the Hebrew masculine name Simeon.

91. Yaritza

Yaritza arrived from the Arabic word ‘Yara’. In Portugal and Spain, Yaritza is a word that denotes a tiny butterfly.

92. Yemilet

Derived from the Hebrew name ‘Jamilah’, Yemilet means attractive. Thus, parents who want to name their daughter as beautiful or to something beautiful can choose this name.

93. Yocelin

Yocelin is a cheerful lady. As a name, Yocelin denotes something caring and lovable.

94. Yolie

Parents often name their girls flowers. Yolie can be their choice. Originated from Greek dialect, Yolie means a violet flower.

95. Ysabel

It has both the Italian and French origins. Ysabel means God’s devotee. It is a popular name among pious parents.

96. Yulenka

Yulenka represents youth, like soft-hair, lively face and behavior etc. According to Biblical and Latin mythology, Yulenka is a young girl.

97. Zabrina

The Latin name of the river Severn is Zabrina. As a name, Zabrina came from the Celtic word ‘Sabrina’ that means princess.

98. Zaneta

It is the ultimate name for baby girls whose parents consider them as the most precious gift from God. In the Spanish language, Zanita is a word that denotes God’s blessing. It also signifies God’s graciousness.

99. Zelia

The smile of your daughter shines your day and calms your life. Thus, in Greek dialect, they name daughters as Zelia or sunshine. The other meaning of this word is zeal or eager.

100. Zoey

Zoey means life, and it connotes a lively person. Zoey is the Jewish translation of Eve and a renowned Christian female name.

101. Zsofia

In Greece, Zsofia indicates wisdom. Women who have a deep insight towards knowledge and life are Zsofia.


Naming your child is the very first gift you will give to your baby. As we believe that the names reflect the personality and future of the child most of the time, a proper meaningful name is essential.