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100 Coolest IceWing Names With Meanings

IceWings, renowned as Ice Dragons to scavengers, are a Pyrrhian dragon clan. Under the rule of Queen Snowfall, they live in the Ice Kingdom. Ice kingdom is a northwestern area of Pyrrhia.  This area is exceptionally known for its cold winds, snowfalls, icicle, sub-zero temperatures, and the grand Ice Cliff.

IceWings’ are generally white to blue, but the color range differs from silver to pale alice blue and sometimes light purple. They have spikes started from their necks and extend down their backs and out of the tail end. Inside their mouth is dark blue with a forked blue tongue—IceWings excel frostbreath, which can put out fires. Circle necklaces define the epitome of their social rank and wealth. Except for Seawings, Icewings are the dragon clan that swims faster than the other dragon tribes.

This writing piece will give you 100 IceWings’ names that will be strong for dragon names in the fire Universe. Check out the followings with the closest meanings.

100 Names Of IceWing | Male & Female Included

  1. Adeilie (French word, meaning noble)
  2. Algid (Cold)
  3. Artic (Counties around the north pole)
  4. Antarctic
  5. Aquilo (North wind)
  6. Atlantic Puffin (A sea bird of Northern & Arctic waters)
  7. Aurora (The sunrise)
  8. Barnacle (shellfish that firmly fix themselves to rocks)
  9. Bear (A large, massive mammal with thick fur)
  10. Bite (Chew)
  11. Blanch (Making white by extracting color.)
  12. Blackfly (A black or dark green bee in crops)
  13. Blue Spruce (A western North American tree)
  14. Borealis ( Differently colored lights)
  15. Boris (Battle)
  16. Boomerang Nebula (The coldest object in the earth)
  17. Boreal (The climatic region of arctic)
  18. Brisk (Speedy)
  19. Brumal (Characteristic of winter)
  20. Brumous (Foggy and wintry)
  21. Blizzard (Severe snowstorm with high winds)
  22. Bitter (Pungent taste)
  23. Capelin (Some kind of small fish of North Atlantic)
  24. Caribou (A huge North American dear)
  25. Chill (Coolness)
  26. Chalcedony (A type of quartz)
  27. Claw (Curve pointed nail)
  28. Cire (Smooth fabric)
  29. Cyclone (Tropical storm)
  30. Dumortierite (A borosilicate mineral)
  31. Eis (The German word for ice)
  32. Emperor (Monarch)
  33. Evening (Twilight)
  34. Fang (A long, sharp-pointed tooth)
  35. Freeze (A stage of frost)
  36. Fractal (A geometrical figure)
  37. Flurry (A small twirling bunch of something, e.g., a flurry of snow)
  38. Floe (Floating ice)
  39. Frostbite (Tissue injury in the body)
  40. Gelid (awfully cold)
  41. Glaze (sparkle varnish)
  42. Glisten (shine)
  43. Hail (Storm stones)
  44. Hare (Speedy rabbit)
  45. Hyperborean (An resident of the farthest north)
  46. Icecube (Small piece of ice)
  47. Icicle (A tapering piece of ice)
  48. Icy (Frozen)
  49. Junco (North American songbird)
  50. Klaus (Triumph of the people)
  51. Krill (A shrimp-like creature)
  52. Khione (Snow goddess)
  53. Klondike (Region of Northwest Canada)
  54. Lavender (A plant with pale blue colored flower)
  55. Leopard (A black-spotted Sothern Asian tiger)
  56. Loon (Foolish)
  57. Mammoth (A large extinct animal)
  58. Marmot (A mountainous rodent of North America)
  59. Melt (Soften)
  60. Mountain (Peak)
  61. Neige (Snow)
  62. Narwhal (A toothed whale)
  63. Nix (Nothing)
  64. North
  65. Pale (Light)
  66. Pastel (Powdered pigment)
  67. Pasque (One kind of flower)
  68. Peak (Summit)
  69. Porpoise (Small toothed whale)
  70. Polar (Cold)
  71. Ptarmigan (A gaming bird of UK and Canada region)
  72. Quartz (Rock crystal)
  73. Raven (Crow)
  74. Rime (Frost created on cold)
  75. Rock
  76. Reflection
  77. Rudolph (Glory)
  78. Shimo (ice)
  79. Stalactite (A hanging icicle from the roof of a cave)
  80. Subzero (Below zero)
  81. Summit (Peak)
  82. Snowflake (A soft ice crystal)
  83. Snowfall (fall of snow)
  84. Snow Petrel (One of only three birds that exist the south part of Antarctica)
  85. Snowstorm
  86. Snowcap
  87. Shiver (Tremble)
  88. Tern (Seabird with long pointed wings)
  89. Tundra (Treeless arctic region of Europe)
  90. Typhoon (Cyclone)
  91. Walrus (A marine mammal of Arctic ocean with long tusk)
  92. Whale (Gigantic marine mammal)
  93. Willow (A tree of temperate climate)
  94. Whiteout (Dense snowstorm in the polar area)
  95. Winterberry (Plant that survives in a freezing area)
  96. Wind (Breeze)
  97. Windchill (The cooling effect of wind blowing)
  98. Wolf ( A wild flesh-eating mammal)
  99. Wolverine (Short-legged carnivorous animal)
  100. Zero

The Icewings are the most sophisticated tribe compared to the other dragon clans. The family member with the highest rank in the circle chooses the names usually. But wings’ cannot form the name without the final approval of Queen Snowfall.