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Top 80 Skyrim Nord Names | Presented Here For You

Nords are muscular, massive, brown-skinned, blonde-haired human natives of Tamriel and the descendants of Atmora. Due to their unbelievable endurance to ice and magical frosts, the other races often address them as ‘son of snow.’ Another Atmora warrior clan Ysgramor directed them towards Skyrim. Later, the population of Nords turned into the majority.

Nords are born soldiers and martial art enthusiasts. Their dream is to enlarge their military tactics and take it to another level. They tend to challenge their previous best every time to excel in the war skills to one more level.

Nords are the hunter of respect and reputation; they are close to their family and Atamor people. Their superiority in sea ensured a benefit from the first nautical trade they have faced after migrating to Skyrim.


Nords are adept in light armor, both one-handed and two-handed weapons. In battle cry, both their martial art and sea skill superiority made them flee the enemies within 30 seconds.
When you are a player in the Elder Scroll video game, the Nords bonus effect will give you 50% endurance to frost.

Playing as a member of Nord Skyrim will make your Elder Scroll game an adventurous one. But being a Nord Skyrim, you need a suitable name to direct your clan. Therefore, we are here with 40 male and female names to help you in this endeavor.

Skyrim Nord (Male)

1. Adord
2. Agmaer
3. Alfarinn
4. Angvid
5. Ashvorn
6. Balgruuf
7. Baxrold
8. Briehl
9. Burdlam
10. Buron
11. Christer
12. Daric
13. Dengeir
14. Drathak
15. Drennen
16. Eboric
17. Elgrim
18. Erlendr
19. Frorkmar
20. Gissur
21. Gunmar
22. Hectur
23. Heddic
24. Hemming
25. Hewnon
26. Irolf
27. Jenssen
28. Jorgen
29. Jurgen
30. Kleppr
31. Kraldar
32. Lortheim
33. Markus
34. Narfi
35. Okurek
36. Onmund
37. Pactur
38. Rorlund
39. Tolan
40. Wilhelm

Skyrim nord (Female)

1. Abelone
2. Adisla
3. Alva
4. Astrid
5. Beitild
6. Bolfrida
7. Brina
8. Bryling
9. Dorthe
10. Eisa
11. Evette
12. Fastred
13. Fralia
14. Fridrika
15. Gerda
16. Gormlaith
17. Grosta
18. Haran
19. Helgrid
20. Hilde
21. Hroki
22. iddra
23. Inge
24. Irgnir
25. Katria
26. Lydia
27. Margret
28. Minette
29. Nilsine
30. Olava
31. Oriella
32. Rigel
33. Sapphire
34. Sissel
35. Sofie
36. Susanna
37. Thaena
38. Tilma
39. Valerica
40. Ysolda

The maximum of these Nordic Skyrim names is of German origin. While playing as a Nordic Skyrim clan member, you’ll meet some notable Nord characteristics. Among them, Ulfric, the Stormcloak Rebellion leader, and his right-hand man, Galmar, these characters are the best. You will learn from them how to survive while surrounded by enemies, the fundamental martial tactics, and in the process, you will become a true Nord warrior.