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100 Best Skyrim Orc Names | Make your Clan Cool

Orcs also addressed as Osimers are noticeable for their bravery and fearlessness in war. Their determined tolerance power in surviving any hardship made them a demanding tribe in Tamriel. In their past, they had faced fear and detestation from other races. Later, while working in Emperor’s Legions, their devotion towards their responsibilities had honored them with acceptance among the other clans.

Orcs were the natives of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail mountains. At present, most of them live in strongholds, and the remains stay in Morthal and Markath. Osimers contain a very reserved personality and always hold back themselves to interact with other races, especially dragonborns. Therefore, though they will allow your entrance to the Orcish Stronghold, to make a conversation, you need to complete the expedition their guard will give you and certify yourself as a ‘blood-kin.’ Only the Dragonborn Orcs have the permission to enter Orcs’ lands with no prerequisite quest.

Special Abilities:

Osimers have great proficiency in heavy armors, both the one-handed and two-handed weapons, Blocking and enchanting. Blocking and enchanting techniques are some crafting skills. Enchanting is about magical upgrading with weapons, jewelry, and armor. On the other hand, Blocking is the technique to block an enemy’s attempt with a shield or a spear. Orcs are also adept in blacksmithing and handling mining tools. They are the second in ranking among the tallest tribes in Skyrim after the Almer.

We know that you’re here to get a trendy Skyrim orc name. But before playing as an Orc, to let you know about their life, upbringing, skills, etc were necessary.

Now moving towards the names, there are 50 male and 50 female Skyrim osimer names. Just gift yourself the name you like and proceed with the gaming techniques.

Skyrim Orc (Male)

1. Agamad
2. Agasharzol
3. Agamump
4. Agroan
5. Bashnag
6. Bagubog
7. Bazrkul
8. Buraug
9. Coblga
10. Durgg
11. Duruga
12. Dubobub
13. Dushnamub
14. Gadzul
15. Grogmar
16. Grogrul
17. Hubnag
18. Kasrak
19. Khalump
20. Khasbak
21. Kurat
22. Larak
23. Lurkla
24. Lurnbak
25. Maknak
26. Mala
27. Magbog
28. Maguborz
29. Muro
30. Nagrub
31. Nayboth
32. Nayla
33. Oglub
34. Orbrag
35. Othmrn
36. Ramz
37. Rimgog
38. Rugdlug
39. Rugozol
40. Rugmash Shamhakh
41. Shulon
42. Skanat
43. Ulfigash
44. Ulfitur
45. Umurn
46. Uruz
47. Ushaorn
48. Yatshnag
49. Yamarz
50. Yasbob

Skyrim Orc (Female)

1. Agrob
2. Atub
3. Aroog
4. Azogub
5. Batpha
6. Batum
7. Bonamph
8. Coblag
9. Crod
10. Crogarz
11. Dugd
12. Dughol
13. Dulaur
14. Garakh
15. Golpoth
16. Gurarba
17. Homftharz
18. Hubd
19. Hubbub
20. Khabag
21. Khaglg
22. Khatrolg
23. Lash
24. Larhash
25. Lorob
26. Mazg
27. Mogdurz
28. Mughrzuf
29. Murog
30. Narfish
31. Nargash
32. Narul
33. Oratha
34. Orbulur
35. Oruzol
36. Rogm
37. Rolful
38. Rugmgog
39. Shaklur
40. Shatdu
41. Shuftharz
42. Ufthdu
43. Urzoga
44. Ushr
45. Uzugak
46. Voltbak
47. Voltftharz
48. Yagt
49. Yatul
50. Yazn

While playing as an Osimer, you’ll understand their fighting and special techniques. Their struggle in the past made them quite rough. But while playing as one of them, you will get a full warrior vibe, which is always worthy for an Elder Scroll video game player.