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100 Beautiful 4 Syllable Girl Names With Meanings

Children are always precious to their parents. No matter how many children you have, the birth of a new is still a cherished moment. Those tiny hands, feet, glances, and little smile after cuddling; everything about an infant is mesmerizing. After the birth of a child, parents are cautious about giving a beautiful name. Some parents pick a name even before the birth of a child.

If you’re reading this article, probably you’ve become parents of a daughter, or you’re going to be. Congratulations to you. Here, we’ve added 100 lovely four-syllable girl names for your baby girl to make your name-choosing time a little bit easy.

1. Adelia

The origin of the name ‘Adelia’ is the old German name, Adelaide and Adela. Adelia symbolizes nobility.

2. Alastriona

It is a popular name in Celtic mythology. Alastriona was the cousin of Alexandra and the defender of humanity. Thus it entered into Irish tradition and now became a worldwide adorable name choice for girls.

3. Alessia

Alessia is the feminine form of the name Alessio. It is a renowned name in the Italian language that means defender.

4. Amadea

Ama means ‘Love’; it is the diminutive form of the four-syllable name ‘Amadea,’ which means God’s beloved. Amadea is a Latin word and the female variation of the masculine name Amadeus.

5. Amaryllis

Amaryllis was a flower in Greek mythology. It means sparkle. Amaryllis is yet not used much as a name. So parents who want a four-syllable unique name for their baby girl can pick this name.

6. Amelia

The name ‘Amelia’ indicates sincerity and productiveness. It is the English variant of the word ‘Amalia’ that arrived from the Germanic word Amal. Amal means ‘work.’

7. Anabella

Anabella is a combination of the Hebrew word ‘Anna’ and the French word ‘Belle.’ The four-syllable name ‘Anabelle’ means full of grace or beauty.

8. Analisa

A combination of the German word Anna and Lisa, Analisa, or Annalisa means God’s mercy. Anna signifies grace or compassion.

9. Andromeda

In Greek mythology, Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess and the daughter of King Cepheus. Andromeda means a monarch or a leader.

10. Antonella

Italian origin name Antonella means ‘first born.’ In Italian mythology, Antonella was the descendant of Antony. Antonella also shares a Latin origin where it connotes praiseworthy.

11. Aphrodite

It seems Greek mythology is precious storage of beautiful feminine names. In Greek myths, Aphrodite was the goddess of love, blessed with a charismatic beauty. It means born from the foam created by sea waves.

12. Arabella

Arabella came from the Latin word Orabilis. It symbolizes grace or beauty.

13. Araluen

In the Australian aboriginal language, they address water lilies as Araluen. Thus, how Araluen became a well-accepted girl name among Aussies.

14. Ariana

Originated from the Italian name Ariadne, Ariana means sacred. The other variation of this name is Arianna. This four-syllable name is admired in Greek, English, and Welsh language.

15. Armetesia

It means safe. Armetesia is a Greek word and Feminine form of the masculine name Armetisios.

16. Aubriana

Aubriana is the combined form of the Latin word Aubrey and Anna. Aubrey is an old German word. Aubriana denotes a woman who possesses magical qualities.

17. Azariah

Azariah is the broad form of the word Azar that indicates help. As a name, Azariah symbolizes the ‘Lord’s help.’ It is a prominent name in Hebrew, Jewish, and Biblical culture. It is also a well-known name in German, Portuguese, English, Dutch and French dialect.

18. Bedelia

Bedelia is a Celtic word and the precise form of the name Bridget. Bedelia stands for strength.

19. Benedicta

Derived from the Latin word Benedictus, Benedicta signifies blessings.

20. Benjamina

It is a Hebrew originated word and a recognizable name in every English spoken country. Benjamina means the daughter of the right hand.

21. Bibiana

Bibiana means life. The origin of this name is the Latin word, Viviana. Viviana was an Italian saint in the fourth century.

22. Chiara

The other variation of this name is Clara. Both are derived from the Italian language and denotes a transparent material or a light.

23. Callidora

By origin, Callidora is a Greek word. Callidora means the gift of beauty, where Calli denotes beauty, and Dora indicates a gift. For this profound meaning, the poet uses the name Callidora in several poetry and songs.

24. Calliope

Derived from the Greek language, Calliope symbolizes a beautiful voice. In ancient Greece, Calliope was an eloquent lady who used to write and recite epic poetry.

25. Caroline

The name Caroline has two origins. It came from the German word Kerle which denotes a free woman. In Spanish dialect, Carolina means a beloved or a valuable person.

26. Casiphia

This name is of Hebrew origin. It means gleaming or silvery white. In the Bible, Casiphia is a place of the treasury.

27. Catalina

Catalina is the Spanish alternative of the name Katherine. It means pure.

28. Celestina

Celestina has both the French and Latin origin. It means Heavenly and a well-established feminine name in countries like Spain, French, and Italy.

29. Clementina

This name is the female version of the masculine Clementine. Originated from the Spanish language, Clementina means sober, merciful.

30. Cleopatra

‘Glory of the Father’ that’s what Cleopatra means. It is a Latinized variation of the Greek word ‘ Kleopatra.’ In Greek mythology, Cleopatra was the sister of Alexander the Great.

31. Desdemona

This four-syllable name is ear soothing. You can’t ignore the vibrancy while pronouncing this name. Originated from Greek dialect, Desdemona means ‘afraid of God.’

32. Desideria

Derived from the Latin word Desiderata, Desideria means desired. Desideria was the name of a French-born Swedish queen of the 19th century.

33. Dorothea

Dorothea is a melodious name. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘God’s gift.’ St. Dorothea was a great warrior of the 4th century.

34. Eleanor

In Hebrew, Eleanor means ‘God is my Light’ where ‘El’ denotes God and ‘Or’ denotes light. Eleanor indicates a shining light. Another origin of the name Eleanor is the French word ‘Alienor.’

35. Eliana

It is a Hebrew originated name that has a strong relationship with the Greek word Helen. Eliana means answered; it also indicates God’s answer to a devotee’s prayer.

36. Elisheva

Elisheva is a Biblical name. Originated from the Hebrew word, it means ‘God’s devotee.’

37. Eloisa

Originated from the German word Helewidis, and French name Louise, Eloisa is also a Spanish and Italian word. As a name, Eloisa indicates a healthy and broad life.

38. Emilia

The Latin word, Aemulus, is the origin of this name. Emilia means strength.

39. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is the Spanish and Portuguese version of emerald stone. Like Emerald stone, your daughter is the valuable treasure of your life. If you want her name to remind her how precious she is in your life, you should choose Esmeralda as her name.

40. Eugenia

Eugenia is a popular word to signify a well-born person, where ‘Eu’ indicates well, and ‘Genia’ is the symbolic form of genes. It is a well-accepted name and the Feminine version of the name Eugene.

41. Eulalia

The pronunciation of this name is Yoo-lay-lee-lah. Derived from the Greek dialect, Eulalia denotes a melodious voice or a well-spoken lady.

42. Evelina

As a word, Evelina has several meanings, and all of them symbolize something positive. A modern form of the Biblical name ‘eve,’ Evelina denotes a desired, strong, and powerful woman.

43. Fatoumata

It is an African name and Swahili version of the Arabic name Fatima. Fatima was the youngest and most favorite daughter of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Fatoumata means attractive or charming.

44. Fabrizia

The exact meaning of the Roman word Fabrizia means works with hands. But as a noun or while using a name, the feminine word Fabrizia denotes a competent or skillful person.

45. Fiammetta

Fiammetta means the tiny fiery one or little fire. It is the comprehensive form of the Italian word Fiamma that means flame.

46. Filomena

Filomena denotes strength, power, and wisdom. The name Filomena came from the Greek origin name Philomena.

47. Fiorella

The word Fiorella is the combination of the Italian word ‘fior’ and the suffix –Ella. Flor means flower, where Fiorella stands for a little flower. Parents who would love to name their child of flowers can choose this cute name.

48. Florencia

The English word Florencia derived from the Latin Florentia. Florencia means flourishing. It also symbolizes a blooming flower or a prosperous life.

49. Frederica

As a German word, Frederica means a Peaceful monarch. The main element of this name is the word, Frid and Ric. Frid indicates peace or tranquility, where Ric denotes power.

50. Galilea

Galilea denotes God’s gift or blessings. It is a Hebrew originated word. A famous Jewish name in Spain and the U.S.A.

51. Georgina

Georgina is the combined form of the word ‘Ge’ and ‘Ergein.’ Geo means earth, and Ergin means ‘to work.’ The feminine name Georgina implies a lady farmer.

52. Genoveva

The four-syllable name Genoveva symbolizes a humanitarian. A woman, who is kind, generous, and dedicates herself to a cause, is a Genoveva. This Spanish originated name is a top pick for the parents who want to generate kindness within their daughters from a very young age.

53. Gladiola

Gladiola pronounced as ‘Glah-dee-oh-lah’ means a tiny sword. It is the feminine form of the flower Gladiolus which has little sword-like leaves.

54. Graziella

Graziella is the Spanish and Italian variation of the English name grace. A lovely lady with a class is Graziella.

55. Henrietta

Henrietta is a French word that indicates a lady ruler.

56. Hermione

Derived from the Greek name Hermes, the name Hermione represents a well-born girl. The meaning of this name is the messenger. In Greek mythology, Hermione was the daughter of King Menelaus.

57. Ignacia

Originated from Latin & Spanish words, the name Ignacia means light or fire.

58. Illaria

The name Illaria is Italian by origin, which means vibrant or cheerful.

59. Jamelia

Arrived from the Arabic name Jameelah, Jamelia means beautiful.

60. Josephina

The feminine version of the masculine name Joseph, Josephina means ‘God will enhance’.

61. Julietta

It means young. Julietta is a different version of the Italian name Giulia and Latin name Julia.

62. Kassiani

The Greek name Kassiani means pure. In ancient Greece, Kassiani was a famous saint.

63. Lavinia

Princess Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus. Lavinia means Woman of Rome.

64. Leonora

As a girl’s name, Leonora is accepted in many cultures but with a different meaning. In the Greek language, it means compassion. In English, it means Light, and in the Hebrew dialect, Leonora denotes a residence.

65. Leticia

Leticia is of Latin origin that means happiness. Birth of Daughters always brings an extra bundle of joy for the parents. If your daughter’s birth added that much happiness in your life and you want to make it memorable by her name, you should pick this name.

66. Liliosa

Liliosa is a Filipino word that denotes an honest person. In the Spanish language, Liliosa means lily.

67. Luciana

The Roman name Luciana represents light. Derivation of this name happened from the Latin name Lucianus.

68. Marianna

It is a well-accepted name in Spain, Hungary, and Latin America. Marianna symbolizes grace.

69. Marietta

Derived from the Hebrew name Miryam and Italian Maria, Marietta has numerous meanings. It means the sea, beloved, the desire of a child, and so on.

70. Marilyn

By origin, it is an English name that means ‘beloved’.

71. Maristela

It is the combination of the word Maria and Estella. Estella connotes star; on the other hand, Maria means of the sea.

72. Mirabella

Mee-rah-bell-ah, Isn’t it a melodies name? This adorable name derived from th Latin originated term Mirabilis. Mirabilis means admirable, beautiful, so does Mirabella.

73. Nefertiti

The Egyptian word Nefertiti means ‘The beautiful lady has arrived.’ Nefertiti was a beautiful queen of ancient Egypt who was also prominent for her power and intelligence.

74. Nicoletta

Nicoletta means ‘Victory of the people’. It is a Greek word, where Nike symbolizes victory.

75. Octavia

Octavia symbolizes October. It also denotes the eighth or the person who is born in the eighth month. The word is feminine and came from the Latin word ‘Octavus.’

76. Olivetta

Arrived from the Latin word Olivetta also exists in the Bible. Olivetta denotes an olive tree.

77. Omarosa

Omarosa is an African name. The meaning of this name is ‘my beautiful daughter.’

78. Ophelia

The meaning of Ophelia is Helper. It is a Greek name by origin. It is common among parents who are novel fanatics to name their children Shakespeare’s fictional character. If you’re one of them, We don’t need to introduce you to Ophelia’s noble personality.

79. Orestina

Pronounced as O-res-ti-na, it signifies a mountain resident or native. It arrived from the Greek word ‘Oros,’ which means mountain.

80. Ottilia

Ottilia symbolizes a prosperous lady, especially in battle. By origin, this name is Scandinavian.

81. Penelope

This name first arrived in Greek mythology, where Penelope was Odysseus’s wife. Penelope means pure or transparent. A woman who has no complexity in her heart is a Penelope.

82. Primarosa

Primarosa derived from the Latin word ‘Primus’ which means first and ‘rosa,’ which means rose. Primarosa symbolizes a rose.

83. Proserpina

Arrived from the Latin word proserpo, Proserpina means ‘to appear’. Proserpina was a goddess in ancient Rome.

84. Rafaela

Rafaela or Raphaela is a prominent word in Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew dialects. It means ‘God has cured.’

85. Rosabella

Derived from the Latin word, Rosabella implies a beautiful rose.

86. Rosalinda

Rosalinda represents a beautiful rose. In Spanish, Rosa means rose, and Linda implies beauty.

87. Salomea

The Hebrew word ‘shalom’ means peace. Salomea originated from Shalom, which also connotes peace.

88. Seraphina

Derived from the Hebrew word Seraphim, the meaning of the name Seraphina is fiery. In the Bible, Seraphina is the heavenly winged angels.

89. Serenity

Serenity connotes a calm, peaceful, and tranquil state of mind or situation.

90. Sophronia

Sophronia is of Greek origin that indicates a sensible and wise lady.

91. Stellaluna

It means star and moon. However, as a name, Stellaluna symbolizes a star girl.

92. Theodosia

The Greek word Theodosia denotes a devotee or a divine gift from the Lord.

93. Valencia

Courage, bravery, and strength are what does Valencia signify. This prestigious name is of Spanish by origin.

94. Valeria

Valeria represents a strong lady. Valeria was a Roman saint of the 2nd century who was later martyred.

95. Vasiliki

It means royal. It is a Greek name and a feminine version of the name Vasilios.

96. Veronica

Veronica is a Biblical name that means truth.

97. Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina has several meanings. This one word represents will, desire, and protection.

98. Xaviera

The female name Xaviera means ‘castle.’ Originated from the Spanish dialect, Xaviera is a famous female Catholic name.

99. Yesenia

Yesenia shares two origins. As a Spanish word, it indicates a palm tree. But as an Arab word, it means floral. Thus, it can be acceptable by both Muslims and Christians.

100. Ysabella

Pronounced as I-zuh-beh-luh, Ysabella means ‘God’s promise’.


Naming a child demands too much consciousness from parents. They need to consider many things, e.g., a family tradition, meaning, the starting letter, name syllables, etc. These names list is a combo pack of cool, meaningful, traditional, and unique names. Pick the one that follows your requirements. We wish you a Happy Parenthood!