Name of Rowdyruff Boys

Rowdyruff Boys Names | 3 Powerful Characters

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Rowdy,’ a troublemaking person? That’s the exact intention of animator Craig McCracken when he created the rivalry character of the sensational cartoon series ‘The Powerpuff Girls.

The Rowdyruff Boys are the main antagonists in the series. Who are they? They are the wicked biological siblings of Powerpuff girls. Mojo Jojo, the supervillain of the series, created them on purpose to destroy Powerpuff girls. He made them by accumulating snips, snails, a puppy dog’s tail, and Chemical X. The Rowdyruff boys’ birth happened in a contaminated toilet where Mojo Jojo assorted all the ingredients and pressed the toilet flush.

The invention of Rowdyruff Boys made the audiences joyous. The hilarious evil side of them hooked viewers in the whole episode transcript and again while they resurrected in ‘The boys are back in town.’ The famous dialogue, ‘We’re Rowdyruff Boys, and we wanna fight’ was a symbolic dialogue of the ’90s in every household, especially among the kids.

Rowdyruff Boys | About the Personalities

Rowdyruff Boys have every possible negative shade in their character. The three of them are equivalent to the three female lead characters of the series. Brick, Butch, and Boomers are consequently the counterparts of Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. These teen clichéd males are three to five years old and contain hideous characteristics. They are despicable, spoiled, and aggressive. They are so mean that they didn’t hesitate to blast the Power girls to the ground. Though they own the same power as Powerpuff girls have, they are physically more powerful.

Rowdy boys have exploitable weaknesses and fear of cooties. They are not as much a team concern as the girls. So, when Miss. Bellum advised the girl to turn friendly with the boy; they used their niceness as easy prey. Therefore, the girls used their tactics of taking revenge with the ‘kiss of death.’ As a result, Rowdy boys exploded and turned into ‘cooties.’

But the boys returned in the episode ‘The boys are back in town’ and their final appearance happened in the episode ‘Custody Battle.”

Characters in Depth:


After watching the series, you will consider Brick as the leader of the group and also the big brother of butch and broom. He is the brainiest and meanest rowdy of the gang. Brick is bossy, has a red hat on the head, cruel, and arrogant. He ridiculed Blossom, named her as ‘sissy,’ and wanted to see her in immense pain after hitting. His disgust for Blossom drives him to make all the evil things throughout the show.

The character got the legacy of rage and violence. Though Mojo Jojo invented him to defeat the girls, Brick didn’t even spare him to hit once with an elbow to his face. In the last appearance, he criticized both his father and brothers. He attacked his brother Boomer several times, sometimes directly on his face, at times threw soda can. You can call him a total spoiled brat, but his strength and leadership quality will leave no confusion as to why every one of his brother’s gang obeys and follows him so much.

Voiced By: Rob Paulsen


Now we are talking about boy butch. At his first appearance, Butter was calm, relaxed, and a good listener. He used to stay in a corner and enjoy the havoc caused by his brothers. His hair color is black, he is sturdy and anti-social. After his rebirth in the episode, ‘the boys are back,’ his personality got some new turns. He became reckless and started to enjoy fights more than anyone else. He turned into the most destructive and conflict-lust in the group.

Butch’s prank made more sense than the others. Butch and Buttercup have some similarities. Butch is Buttercup’s evil male version. While Buttercup is apologetic for her mistakes, Butch is brutal and remorseless.

Unique controls: Butch can form an energy shield surroundings and protect himself from an energy blast.

Voiced by: Roger L. Jackson


Boomer is Bubbles’ counterpart and the dumbest among the three brothers. He follows his brothers without questioning. While attacking the Powerpuff girls, he claimed to give them the hardest punch. His dull-wit and naïve deeds often endangered him towards his brother’s rage. But sometimes his dumbness works as a cute gesture, especially when he gets easily distracted by a passing fly.

Though his activities bothered his brothers too much, with the story consequences, his brothers started to give him the importance and showed concern while he had gone missing. Among all the vicious brothers, Boomer is the polite one.

Special abilities: Boomer has the power to lighten control, create a baseball bat using raw energy. He is the best at spitting among all his brothers.

Voiced By: Rob Paulsen

Regardless of having rough and sturdy characteristics, Rowdyruff boys have some serious weaknesses. Separation from the other brothers makes them feeble. They can’t utilize their power individually in the same way while they are together. Thus, when Brick ordered Boomer to bring them, sweets, Powerpuff girls brutally defeated him.