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100 Adorable White Boy Names With Descriptions

When you become pregnant with a baby, numerous things surround your mind. All your thinking becomes enfolded with its look, gender, name, and upbringing. You have nothing to do with the baby’s look and gender. But you can manage the right name and upbringing you want for your child. Life is so unpredictable; Here name is the only thing that remains with you till death. So, your baby boy deserves a good name.

When you’re choosing a name, it should represent your community and origin. If you’re an affluent white person, we have some collection of rich names of white boys for your baby boy. Of course, there is no certainty that picking among those will make your boy a noble person, rich and well-mannered like you. But with these names, they will sound intended for something grand.

100 Adorable Names of White Baby Boy:

1. Abel (Abel arrived from the Hebrew word ‘Hebel’ that means breath. Hebel was the son of Adam and Eve.)
2. Abner (Immense brightness)
3. Achilles (A courageous warrior)
4. Aiden (In Celtic methodology, Aiden was the God of fire and sun. The literal meaning of Aiden is the fiery one.)
5. Aldrich (A dignified ruler)
6. Ambert (Light of life)
7. Amancio (Derived from the Portuguese language, Amancio represents a loving person)
8. Andrew (Andrew is the combination of two words Andy and Drew. Andrew was the son of the Greece God. It means healthy)
9. Arthur (A legendary British king named Arthur. The literal meaning of the word is the Righteous.)
10. Asher ( Arrived from Hebrew Language Asher means delight)
11. Atticus (Belong to Attica, a region of Athens)
12. Augustus (A respected person)
13. Benjamin
14. Blaine (Scottish word to address yellow)
15. Bradford
16. Bradley (A broad field)
17. Brendan (A prince)
18. Brook (Small wave)
19. Caleb (A Hebrew word that means trustworthy)
20. Carlos (Originated from Spanish language Carlos identifies a free man)
21. Casper (In Chaldean’s language they address a treasurer as Casper)
22. Chandler (A person who makes and sells candle)
23. Channing (Glamorous)
24. Charles (A free-spirited man)
25. Declan (A man full of decency)
26. Derek (A deviant ruler)
27. Digby (Resolution)
28. Dylan ( The meaning of the word is a son of the sea. In Welsh folklore, Dylan was born from the deep-sea)
29. Edward (Prosperous)
30. Elior (Light of God)
31. Elon (Jewish word to symbolize Oaktree)
32. Eric (A timeless ruler)
33. Eoghan (Territory of the Irish tree ‘Yaw’)
34. Ethan (Hebrew word that means long-term or permanent)
35. Felix (Fortunate)
36. Finn (Irish word that denotes for fair skin color)
37. Frederick (Supremacy)
38. Francis (Liberated
39. Gabriel (French and Spanish word that means the Power of the God)
40. Garrett (A bold weapon)
41. George ( Earth)
42. Gerald (The summarization of two words Ger and wald. Ger means weapon, and the whole word Gerald denotes the rule of a gun)
43. Giles (Original word, Gisel means oath)
44. Greg (Vigilant person)
45. Gregory ( An attentive person)
46. Haniel (Happiness)
47. Harrison
48. Ian (Russian word that means God is precious)
49. Ingram (Ing was the German/Swedish God of peace. The pet raven of Ing had the name ‘Ingram’)
50. Issac (Hebrew word of laughter)
51. Jared (Hebrew word for Rose)
52. Jasper (A Persian word for treasurer)
53. Jeffrey (German word denotes for a traveler)
54. Jeremy (Came for the Hebrew word Jeremiah, stand for God will increase)
55. Jose (God will bless)
56. Joseph (The Latin conversion of the Arabic word Yusuf. Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob /Yakub)
57. Julian (Youthful)
58. Kevin (Birth of a righteous person)
59. Kingsley (Anglo Saxon word by birth, means a grazing land)
60. Kylo (The Latin word of the sky)
61. Larliath (Larliath was an Irish God)
62. Laurence (The brilliant one)
63. Leo (Strong spirited like a lion)
64. Lucas (Lucania is a region of Southern Italy. The people of Lucania are Lucas)
65. Luke ( Intelligent)
66. Magnus (Latin word of grand)
67. Malach (Noble/A person huge in size yet soft in the heart)
68. Mason (A person works with pebbles)
69. Matthew (Gift of God)
70. Milo (Nonviolent, Peaceful)
71. Nathan (Came from the Hebrew word ‘Natan’ means bestowed)
72. Nathaniel (Bestowed by God’s endowment)
73. Noah (A Biblical prophet)
74. Odhran (Odhran was a pious Irish man and the follower of Saint Columba)
75. Orson (A baby bear)
76. Owen (Birth of a noble)
77. Preston
78. Quentin(Fifth)
79. Ramiel (Light of God)
80. Raziel (Angel of secrecy)
81. Reid (The Scottish word of Red)
82. Ronan ( A tiny seal)
83. Rufus (A red-haired person)
84. Ryan (A prince or little king)
85. Sebastian
86. Spencer
87. Steven (nobility)
88. Sylvester (Fiery)
89. Teague (Good-looking)
90. Theodore (God’s blessings)
91. Tobias (The goodness of Biblical God used to address as Tobius)
92. Trevor (Great)
93. Uriel (Submission to God)
94. Vincent (Conqueror)
95. Wilfred (Tranquility/Peace)
96. William (Desire/Want)
97. Wyatt (Courageous)
98. Xavier (Brightness)
99. Xhaiden (American word that means ray of purity/light)
100. Zachary (Derived from the Persian and Hebrew word ‘Zachariah.’ It means God remembers)

Picking the right name is far more important than people think. A prestigious name always reminds us of a good personality. Thus, at some point in life, we feel motivated to become a person who fulfills the name’s intention.