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250+ Fascinating Tabaxi Names | Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

In Dungeons and Dragons, the wandering Tabaxi are feline humanoids from the Maztica, the jungle of wilderness and mystery. They have undivided attention towards the wonders of nature. Their curious energy drives them to gather fascinating artifacts, stories, and tales. This wondering nature rarely lets them stay in one place for long.

While Playing as a Tabaxi

Tabaxi’s appearance happens in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. While playing as a Tabaxi, knowing their characteristics is a necessity. You need to know about the details like age, what types of languages they speak, or usually write, their size, walking speed, etc.

The lifespan of Tabaxis is similar to humans. Though some of them tend toward chaotic alignments, in general, they maintain a distance from wicked activities. As a Tabaxi, you have a cat’s paw to use as a natural weapon. This paw gives you the advantage of climbing with a speed of 20 feet. Tabaxi’s claws also help them to make unarmed strikes. You are proficient in stealth and observation.

Though a Tabaxi can’t recognize colors in the dark, they can see far away (approximately 60 ft) even in deep darkness. So, you will have keen senses and eyesight in the dark. Apart from the standard language, you can choose one other language to speak, read, and write. The Tabaxi’s are medium-sized, almost 6 to 7 feet tall on average, and moderately slim. Their base walking speed is 30 feet.

Names of Tabaxi

Clan history, astrology, prophecy, and other external factors influence Tabaxis while naming. Tabaxi is a look-alike of a big cat resembling humans, especially while walking or talking. As well their names have a similarity to that of humans. These names are unisex and tribal, like Misty Shore, Proud Wing, Screech of Bats, etc. These names often lead to creating nicknames, so we’ve added each name’s shortened form in brackets.

1. Active Flower (Flower)
2. Agile Board (Agile)
3. Amused Candle (Candle)
4. Answered Riddle (Riddle)
5. Ancient Brush (Ancient)
6. Aura of Passion (Aura)
7. Austere Frog (Austere)
8. Beats of a Heart (Beats)
9. Bird Feather (Bird)
10. Bold Time (Time)
11. Brave Bat (Bat)
12. Brave Light (Brave)
13. Brave Thrill (Thrill)
14. Burning Fire (Fire)
15. Busy Bee (Bee)
16. Cadence of Water (Cadence)
17. Call of the Owl (Owl)
18. Cake of Chocolate (Cake)
19. Cheeky Wind (Wind)
20. Crescent Moon (Moon)
21. Curious Animal (Animal)
22. Curious Silk (Curious)
23. Dangling Lace (Lace)
24. Dew on the Grass (Dew)
25. Drifting Cloud (Cloud)
26. Drop in a Cart (Cart)
27. Dust of Chalk (Dust)
28. Dynamic scratch (Scratch)
29. Eclipse of the Moon (Eclipse)
30. Edge of the World (Edge)
31. Elegant Clock (Elegant)
32. Elegant Plume (Elegant)
33. Elegant Stream (Stream)
34. Emerald Tree (Tree)
35. End of Winter (Winter)
36. Feather in the Wind (Feather)
37. Fine Beetle (Beetle)
38. Fire in the Distance (Fire)
39. Flickering Fire (Fire)
40. Flow of the River (Flow)
41. Friend Of Foe (Friend)
42. Fresh Wonder (Fresh)
43. Fragile Snowflake (Snowflake)
44. Garden of Flowers (Flower)
45. Gentle Guide (Gentle)
46. Gentle River (River)
47. Glow of the Sun (Sun)
48. Gold Snowflake (Gold)
49. Grass of Spring (Grass)
50. Happy Robin (Happy)
51. Half Wave (Wave)
52. Hide of the Beast (Hide)
53. Humble Cover (Humble)
54. Humble Stream (Stream)
55. Hushed Block (Hushed)
56. Hushed Breath (Breath)
57. Icy Chain (Icy
58. Ice in Summer (Ice)
59. Ice on the Lake (Lake)
60. Icy Peak (Icy)
61. Jade Fire (Jade)
62. Jewel of the Mountain (Jewel)
63. Jolly Fang (Fang)
64. Jolly Spark (Jolly)
65. Jolly Straw (Straw)
66. Kind Child (Kind)
67. Kind Mark (Kind)
68. Light Aspect (Aspect)
69. Light in the Morning (Light)
70. Light Button (Button)
71. Lightning after Thunder (Lightening)
72. Little Flower (Little)
73. Locket on a Heart (Locket)
74. Lost Quilt (Quilt)
75. Luck of the Draw (Luck)
76. Magic Device (Magic)
77. Mellow Robin (Mellow)
78. Melting of Snow (Snow)
79. Merry Ink (Merry)
80. Mirror’s Reflection (Mirror)
81. Mountain Boulder (Boulder)
82. Mystery Edge (Edge)
83. Needle in Hay (Needle)
84. Night of Dreams (Night)
85. Nimble Buddle (Nimble)
86. Odd Ink (Odd)
87. Odd Lace (Lace)
88. Odd Shoe (Shoe)
89. Opal Chalk (Chalk)
90. Opal Leaf (Opal)
91. Opal Wing (Wing)
92. Open Gates (Gate)
93. Owl in the Morning (Owl)
94. Prime Poem (Prime)
95. Prime Wing (Wing)
96. Print of a Boot (Boot)
97. Print of an Animal (Animal)
98. Pure Berry (Berry)
99. Pure Star (Star)
100. Pure Thunder (Pure)
101. Quiet Straw (Straw)
102. Quick Plume (Quick)
103. Quiet Dream (Dream)
104. Quiet Drop (Drop)
105. Quill in the Grass (Quill)
106. Quirky Kite (Kite)
107. Quirky Mirror (Mirror)
108. Rain in Summer (Rain)
109. Rainbow after Rain (Rainbow)
110. Rays of the Sun (Ray)
111. Rare Dream (Rare)
112. Rhythm of Drums (Rhythm)
113. Ringing of Bells (Bell)
114. Roar of a Bear (Roar)
115. Sapphire Thing (Sapphire)
116. Sea of Opportunity (Sea)
117. Serpent Scale (Scale)
118. Single Honey (Single)
119. Spring Blossom (Spring)
120. Stout Grass (Grass)
121. Sunshine at Night (Sunshine)
122. Three Tree (Three)
123. Top Card (Card)
124. Tranquil Bubble (Bubble)
125. Tree Blossom (Blossom)
126. Twin Cannon (Twin)
127. Two Lighting (Two)
128. Two Shadow (Shadow)
129. Unplugged Cart (Cart)
130. Velvet Block (Velvet)
131. Velvet Clock (Velvet)
132. Velvet Luck (Luck)
133. Velvet Wave (Velvet)
134. Vibrant Device (Vibrant)
135. Vibrant Guest (Guest)
136. Vibrant Trail (Vibrant)
137. Violet Brush (Brush)
138. Wild Boot (Wild)
139. Wild Bubble (Wild)
140. Wild Straw (Straw)
141. Wild Veil (Wild)
142. Windy Shore (Shore)
143. Wish Upon a Star (Wish)
144. Wonder of the World (Wonder)

Tabaxi Clan Names

Anything that encircles the Tabaxi race inspires them to name their clan. It can be anything like locations, exciting sceneries, particular natural wonders, etc. Each clan binds together in a strong bond, and its establishment and prosperity depend on every singular member.

1. The Abandoned Monsoon Clan
2. The Adamant Caves Clan
3. The Adamant Lake Clan
4. The Angelic Bogs Clan
5. The Arctic RiverClan
6. The Awoken Estuary Clan
7. The Basking Shower Clan
8. The Bellowing Caves Clan
9. The Bleak Dune Clan
10. The Bleak Oasis Clan
11. The Binding Fields Clan
12. The Broken Crag Clan
13. The Broken Storm Clan
14. The Bustling Den Clan
15. The Chilly Bluff Clan
16. The Chilly Mesa Clan
17. The Cherished Lake Clan
18. The Cherished Swamps Clan
19. The Clear Torrent Clan
20. The Colorful Grotto Clan
21. The Crawling Coast Clan
22. The Distant Morass Clan
23. The Dreaming Bayou Clan
24. The Dreaming Grotto Clan
25. The Dreary Slopes Clan
26. The Dry Glades Clan
27. The Dual Peak Clan
28. The Elder Coasts Clan
29. The Elder Slopes Clan
30. The Enchanting Cliff Clan
31. The Enchanting Isles Clan
32. The Ethereal Sierra Clan
33. The Everlasting Dune Clan
34. The Exotic Creeks Clan
35. The Faraway Copse Clan
36. The Faraway Mists Clan
37. The Flickering Cave Clan
38. The Fragile Swamps Clan
39. The Fragrant Bayou Clan
40. The Free Crags Clan
41. The Free Hail Clan
42. The Free Shore Clan
43. The Gentle Rainforest Clan
44. The Glistening Peak Clan
45. The Graceful Deluge Clan
46. The Great Lakes Clan
47. The Growing Cliffs Clan
48. The Growing Ridge Clan
49. The Healing Forests Clan
50. The Heavenly Storm Clan
51. The Hidden Caves Land
52. The Hidden Lagoon Clan
53. The High Reservoir Clan
54. The High Slopes Clan
55. The Hushed Field Clan
56. The Infinite Cliffs Clan
57. The Infinite Forest Clan
58. The Larking Barrens Clan
59. The Living Crag Clan
60. The Lone Fjord Clan
61. The Lone Isles Clan
62. The Loving Cavern Clan
63. The Lush Coasts Clan
64. The Mellow Bayou Clan
65. The Mild Torrent Clan
66. The Mild Woodland Clan
67. The Misty Marsh Clan
68. The Murmuring Monsoon Clan
69. The Musing Shore Clan
70. The Musing Torrent Clan
71. The Noiseless Bogs Clan
72. The Noiseless Cave Clan
73. The Noiseless Mountain Clan
74. The Noiseless Oasis Clan
75. The Noiseless RiverClan
76. The Noiseless Shore Clan
77. The Noiseless Swamps Clan
78. The Passing Glades Clan
79. The Pleasing Monsoon Clan
80. The Pleasing Storm Clan
81. The Precious Island Clan
82. The Protecting Copse Clan
83. The Prowling Oasis Clan
84. The Pure Bluffs Clan
85. The Pure Shore Clan
86. The Quiet Desert Clan
87. The Quiet Estuary Clan
88. The Quiet Hail Clan
89. The Quiet Mountain Clan
90. The Quiet Rain Clan
91. The Reflected Ridge Clan
92. The Reigning Peaks Clan
93. The Rising Rivers Clan
94. The Roaming Morass Clan
95. The Roaming Thicket Clan
96. The Roaring Bog Clan
97. The Roaring Mountain Clan
98. The Roaring Peaks Clan
99. The Rumbling Marsh Clan
100. The Scented Lagoon Clan
101. The Serene Hail Clan
102. The Silent Peaks Clan
103. The Sleepy Woodland Clan
104. The Snoozing Swamp Clan
105. The Surging Lagoon Clan
106. The Tranquil Rain Clan
107. The Twinkling Jungles Clan
108. The Twisting Bush Clan
109. The Twisting Lagoon Clan
110. The Tumbling Rainforest Clan
111. The Unraveling Bluff Clan
112. The Unraveling Oasis Clan
113. The Unraveling Peaks Clan
114. The Unraveling Slopes Clan
115. The Unraveling Swamps Clan
116. The Unraveling Wilderness Clan
117. The Velvet Deserts Clan
118. The Velvet Mists Clan
119. The Vibrant Lake Clan
120. The Vibrant RiverClan
121. The Vibrant Shower Clan
122. The Vibrant Storm Clan
123. The Wailing Torrent Clan
124. The Weeping Caves Clan
125. The Weeping Wilderness Clan
126. The Wild Swamp Clan
127. The Wild Thicket Clan
128. The Whispering Wilderness Clan
129. The Whistling Fjord Clan

We strongly believe that all the information, instructions, and names we’ve provided will help you play better. You have to remember that Tabaxi is a race of feline humanoids with the same strength as real-life cats and intelligent minds like humans. Therefore, to play as a Tabaxi, the combination of Intelligence and stability is essential. Best of Luck!