3 syllable girl names

100 Pretty 3 Syllable Girl Names for Your Daughter

Multiple things come into your mind when you decide to name your newborn. The family tradition, surroundings, the religious belief, the meaning everything affects the naming decision significantly. Sometimes, parents also care about the syllables the baby’s name will carry. Sometimes, it’s a family tradition to follow the syllables. Sometimes, because the elder siblings have one, two, or three syllables in their name, parents love to follow the same sequence while naming their other children.

If you are looking for a three-syllable name for your baby girl, you are at the perfect place. The list contains such different and unconventional choices for your little one. Hook yourself with the following options for getting an ideal three-syllable name for your baby girl.

1. Adabelle

The name has several origins with different meanings. As a German word Adabelle means noble or kind. In the Hebrew language, it represents beautification. In Africa, it symbolizes the oldest daughter. It has lovely phonetics, and no matter in which origin you belong to, every meaning is worthy of naming your daughter as Adabelle.

2. Adeline

Adeline is a word from French which has diverse variations. Adalyn, Adalene, Aada, Adeleine, Adelita are different forms of this name. Adeline means noble, and it is the diminutive of the name Adele.

3. Aisha

Originated from the Arabic word that means prosperous. Aisha was a pious and dignified woman and the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Because of her dignity, Aisha is a very prestigious name among Muslim communities.

4. Alaina

Alaina means precious. It came from the Hawaiian name Alana, Greek name Elaine, and old German word Alaine.

5. Amira

Arabic name Amirah is the origin of the name Amira which signifies a princess. However, Amira is also a signified name among Hebrew spoken people. In the Hebrew language, it means tree top.

6. Aniyah

The variation of the Hebrew name Aniiyah is Ania, Anna. Aniyah sounds graceful, and it means ‘God supports.’

7. Annalise

The Scandinavian name Annalise meaning ‘surrounded with God’s blessings.’ Annalise is the combination of two words Anne and Liese, where Anne means gracious. Liese is a swear word.

8. Aretha

Derived from the Greek name ‘Arete,’ Aretha symbolizes virtue, beauty, and excellence. This name became famous in America in 1960 with the popularity of singer Aretha Franklin.

9. Annabelle

Anabelle is a feminine name that means the beauty of elegance. Anabelle is the combination of the Hebrew word Anna and the French word Belle where Anna denotes grace, and Belle symbolizes beauty.

10. Belcalis

Belcalis is an Arab word, but different Arab countries use this word for different meanings. In Jordan, Belcalis means ‘Queen of Yemen,’ and In Tanzania, people use the term to symbolize God’s gift.

11. Bellamy

As a girl name, Bellamy is uncommon yet sounds good. Originated from the French word, Bellamy indicates a good friend.

12. Bethany

Bethany was a Biblical town which was full of fig fruit trees. In the modern-day, Bethany is a popular girl name that means ‘a place of figs.’

13. Brianna

The masculine name Brian signifies strength. Brianna is the feminine version, and it indicates a strong lady.

14. Briella

Briella is the diminutive form of the Italian name Gabriella. People pronounce it as Bree-el-ah, and it means ‘God is my power.’

15. Catherine

Catherine is a popular baby girl name in French. It arrived from the Latin feminine word Katharina and Greek name Aikaterina. Catherine means divine, pure.

16. Camila

Camila is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese name for girls, derived from the Roman word Camillus. Camila means perfect.

17. Caroline

Caroline is the blend of the German word Kerle and the Spanish word Caro. Caroline denotes a free-spirited woman.

18. Cassidy

Cassidy means clever. It is an Irish word; in Ireland, babies with curly hair also get Cassidy as their nickname.

19. Clarabelle

Clarabelle means bright and beautiful. It is the expansion of the Latin word Claire or Clara. In the American language, Clarabelle is the princess of clouds.

20. Coretta

The word Coretta arrived from the Greek name ‘Cora.’ Coretta was the name of the wife of Martin Luther King. In America, Coretta means little heart.

21. Daniela

Daniela is the female variation of the Hebrew male name Daniel. The Biblical name Daniela means God is my critic.

22. Dayana

Diana was the Goddess of the moon in ancient Rome that means divine purity. Dayana is the modern form of Diana. The other origin of Dayana is the Latin word Divus.

23. Delilah

The name Delilah has numerous origins. It arrived from the Hebrew name Delila, Greek name Dalida, Arabic name Dalilah. Delilah symbolizes the delicate natures of women.

24. Dorothy

Originated from the Greek word Dorothea, Dorothy means God’s blessings or gift. The name Dorothea was the combination of the word Doro and Theos. The first one symbolizes a miracle when the latter indicates God.

25. Eleanor

In the Hebrew language, ‘El’ means God, and ‘Or’ means light. Arrived from the Hebrew language, the modern prestigious female name ‘Eleanor’ means ‘God is my radiance.’

26. Elisa

Elisa is the abbreviate form of the name Elyssa or Elizabeth. The origin is English, and Elisa means God is my Witness.

27. Elodie

Elodie means rich wealthy. Elodie is a French word that came from the Visigothic word ‘Alodia.’

28. Emberly

Emberly is a feminine name that idolizes the maximum positive characteristic of a woman. Emberly is an American name that derived from the Norwegian name Emberley. Emberly symbolizes a free-spirited woman, a lover of nature, and a woman fills with enthusiasm.

29. Fatima

Fatima is an Arabic name that means captivating or charming. Fatima was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Her piety and simplicity are still ideal for many Muslim women. Therefore, many parents often love to name their daughter Fatima.

30. Fiona

The three-syllable feminine name Fiona indicates fair. It arrived from the Gaelic word Fionnghal.

31. Gabriele

Gabriele is a Hebrew word that means God is my strength. It is a Biblical name, where Gabar means strong, and El means God.

32. Genevieve

Genevieve is a French word but shares both the Latin and German derivation. The German name Kenowafa moderated into Genoveva, then transformed into Genevieve in the French language. It represents leadership; the meaning of this name is ‘woman of the race.’

33. Gianna

Gianna is the short form of the Italian name Giovana which translates from the English name Joanna. The meaning is Lord is gracious, merciful.

34. Helena

Helena is the Latin form of the Greek name Helen; it symbolizes brightness. According to Greek Mythology, Helena was the daughter of the most beautiful woman, Leda.

35. Imani

The name Imani came from the Arabic word ‘Iman’ that means faith. Imani is a word of the Swahili dialect. Swahili is the language of many countries in South Africa like Tanzania, Oman, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, etc.

36. Inara

Inara is a Hurrian word that implies shining. Hurrian was an ancient language of the Bronze years. It existed as a spoken language of a few people in modern Syria. Though the Hurrian language has no subsistence, some of their words still exist.

37. Jaliyah

Originated from the Hebrew word Jaliyah represents ascent. The name Jaliyah is also present in the Arabic language, where it means tall or giant.

38. Jillian

Jillian is the feminine word for the masculine name Julian. It is an English name that signifies Youth.

39. Johanna

Johanna exists in both the Hebrew and German dialect. Johanna is God’s rewards or blessings.

40. Jubilee

Jubilee is the transformed version of the Hebrew word Yobel which means ‘ram’s horn.’ Though the meaning signifies nothing precious, Jubilee has a positive aura; thus, many parents like it as their daughter’s name.

41. Julia

Julia is a Latin word and a Biblical name that connotes youthfulness. Julian was an ancient Roman sovereign.

42. Kamila

Kamila means perfect; it’s an Arabic word and the feminine variety of the name Kamil. Kamil or Kamila denotes a youth who achieved completeness by contributing himself or herself in religious services.

43. Lydia

Derived from the word ‘Adelheid,’ Lydia denotes a noble or beautiful woman. Many other sources also claim that Lydia arrived from the Greek word Ludia.

44. Maryam

Maryam is an Arabic word that represents a person who smells like Myrrh fragrance. In Islam, Maryam was one righteous woman who is still famous for her dedication and faith towards the Lord.

45. Matilda

The English variation of the German name Mahthildis, means strong in battle. In ancient German dialect, the word Maht stands for strength, and Hild connotes the battlefield.

46. Naomi

The feminine word Naomi is of Hebrew origin. It is a Biblical name that represents a woman who is lovable and pleasant.

47. Priscilla

Priscilla is an English name that came from the Roman word Priscus. Priscilla symbolizes a respected lady.

48. Vanessa

Vanessa means butterfly. Vanessa is the modern name of the ancient Greek Goddess Phanessa.

49. Zahara

Zahara is a well-accepted name in both Hebrew and Swahili languages. In Swahili, Zahara denotes a flower, and in Hebrew, it means ‘to glow or shine.’

50. Zariah

By origin, Zariah contains in both the American and Arabic language. Where in America, it means princess, in Arab Zariah, represents a flower.

Some Additional Names

In case these 50 words are not satisfying your longing for an ideal baby girl name, some additional three-syllable names we’re adding below.

1. Abigail
2. Alayah
3. Alondra
4. Amara
5. Amelie
6. Belinda
7. Briella
8. Cassandra
9. Deborah
10. Eloise
11. Emily
12. Felicia
13. Francesca
14. Gloria
15. Harmony
16. Henriette
17. Iesha
18. Isabelle
19. Jasiah
20. Juniper
21. Keyara
22. Kiana
23. Lavender
24. Leona
25. Lilia
26. Lucia
27. mackenzie
28. Mahala
29. Maria
30. Miranda
31. Melissa
32. Monica
33. Nadia
34. Natalie
35. Nevaeh
36. Ophelia
37. Pandora
38. Quintina
39. Rebbeca
40. Rihanna
41. Rosalie
42. Samantha
43. Susanna
44. Talia
45. Ursula
46. Valerie
47. Vienna
48. Winona
49. Yoselyn
50. Zakiya


Many parents hold syllable requirements for their children’s names. Some parents prefer a profound, meaningful word; some favor words that are lovely to pronounce and hear. While giving importance to both the preferences, we’ve included 50 meaningful names and 50 sound-good names. We hope these will be worthy of your decision. Happy naming!